Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Stacy's last day of school

Nikki and I celebrated our last week of school by going to Grad Fest together. We are the only two girls in our software development class and have helped each other out over the last two years. At Grad Fest they gave us presents and we got to pick up our caps and gowns for graduation. It was a lot of fun...

Nikki and I in the CWI photo promoting graduation.

Wow, it is surreal but the last day of school finally came. Since Nikki and I knew that we wouldn't see most of the kids in our class again after that day we told them they all had to be in our photo. We were really good at not being bossy mother hens for the last two years but on the last day we needed a photo. They were all very sweet and let us take photos. Thanks...

CWI Software Development class of 2016

CWI Software Development class of 2016

Our instructor Jenny handed out all of our certificates that we earned over the last year. I never would have thought that I would end up with four of them. :)

One Nocti certificate in Web Design and three Microsoft Certifications in Software Development Fundamentals, Database Fundamentals, and HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals.

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