Saturday, June 4, 2016

Miss Ashley

This little smarty pants brought home four awards from her middle school awards ceremony at school. She has been on the honor roll all year but got straight A's for the fourth quarter putting her on the Principal's Honor Roll. It's extra cool because she has a learning disability and has been two years behind in reading but she made a lot of progress and is now reading at her grade level and has been turning down any extra help from the teachers to do the work herself. She also received the 7th grade science student of the year, an award for math and excellent attendance. We are so proud of her.

Ashley has been talking about cutting her hair for at least a month. So she decided to go get it cut the night before the last day of school. It turned out super cute and she loves it. She had fun at school shocking everyone with her new hair style.

Ashley before her hair cut

Cutting Ashley's hair

New hair cut

Kids headed to school on the last day with their teachers gifts

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