Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of 2012

Where did the year go? We are only half way through winter break and have been keeping busy. We got a little snow on Christmas evening and it has been keeping the kids busy collecting it and making a tiny sledding hill, lots of fun. Mike has been working on unfinished projects, like Pepe's lizard tank which is looking awesome. Cutting glass isn't as easy as it looked like on YouTube. The kids have been playing with all their fun toys and watching movies. Then we have super cute pets to play with too. What to do with all the leftover brownies?? Shape them into dog poop to give to the guys at work of course! :)

As 2012 gets left behind and we move on to 2013 we are thankful for all the time spent with family and friends and are looking forward to many more. Happy New Years!!

Pepe's tank just waiting for some glass

New baby dwarf bunnies, one Netherland Dwarf and one Hotot Dwarf.

Alysha and Banjo

Owen and Ashley with Oreo

Mike, that isn't real dog poop is it??

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Evening in Payette

Christmas afternoon we headed to Payette to my mom and dad's house for dinner and a few more presents. The kids had a great time with their cousins and it started snowing so they had a snowball fight. Dinner was really yummy; ham, turkey, loaded baked potato salad, stuffing, corn, green beans, yams and rolls. Then we opened presents. Mike and I got gift cards for Date Night (dinner and a movie) that I'm looking forward to using. The kids lots of good stuff. Then we had dessert choices of pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, brownies with candy canes, peach cobber and lemon cookies. Wish I could have eaten more but oh, so full. :) It was a wonderful holiday the only thing missing was Cody and Marisa.

Kids under grandma's tree

Alysha got money, her favorite.

Owen got Tagamoto set!

Ashley got Lego Friends sets

Owen and Mason opening their cool gifts from Aunt Marisa and Cody

Christmas Morning

Well, this Christmas we all caught colds but the kids still had a great time opening presents. We enjoyed a quiet morning taking turns opening stocking then presents then had a big breakfast. The kids played for a few hours then we headed to my mom's for dinner. 

Mike helping Bella open her and Zak's stocking

Yay, HoHo's and DingDongs!

Alysha with her presents

Ashley with her presents

Owen with his presents.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Already!

Wow, time is flying!. Can you believe it, it is Christmas Eve. It really doesn't feel like it, mother nature hasn't even changed it to winter yet. The kids are all super excited though. We spent Christmas Eve at grandma Reva's with all the cousins. Aunt Kristey helped the kids do a play for us with a little Mary & Joseph, 3 wise women, a donkey, inn keeper and angels. It was very cute. Then we all ate so much we could barely move. followed by a white elephant gift exchange then opening presents. It was a fun afternoon. Now we are all home watching Christmas Vacation and headed to bed so Santa can come. We wish you all a Merry Christmas. 

Landon, Scott, Rudy, Carla, Reva and Grandma Gigi

Mary and Joseph, 3 Wise Women

Kids ready to open presents.

Landon, Scott and Ruby

James, Alysha, Mariah and Amanda with their presents

Lexi and Ashley with their new purses grandma Reva made them

Aunt Carla is a present too.

At home on Christmas Eve.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Only 10 more days until Christmas

We have been keeping busy with school, work and teaching art classes along with wrapping presents and spending time with family. My sister Molly and niece Delaney and I went to visit our grandma Jane this last week in Payette. We had a nice visit and took her some presents. Delaney even wrapped herself up, cute. 

Another day we went to Parma to watch my sister-in-law Kristey and nephew James in the Battle of the Air Bands at their church. It was very entertaining and Kristey's band, Elves Gone Wild stole the show. 

Here at home we have been making snowflakes, painting elves, making some handmade cards and counting down until Winter break. Only four more days of school. Then we'll be working on cookies and some other goodies to share with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

James' AirBand

Kristey's AirBand, Elves Gone Wild.

One of my cute little elves. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's beginning to look like Christmas at the Hardy's.

My early Christmas present from my dad arrived and we got it put together and decorated. Love it. The kids lay in front of it in the mornings before school.  While I was gone to see my grandfather Mike and the kids put out some decorations and lights. Once I got home we set up this cute little tree. Today, the kids decorated their gingerbread houses from grandma Reva and Aunt Lee. They had a lot of fun and the houses turned out cute. They are the new center piece on our kitchen table. We even had a little snow in the grass this morning that Ashley and Owen went and played in for a short time. They are counting down until Christmas break.

Our little tree by our little fireplace. 

Working hard.

Ashley decorating.

Alysha decorating

Kids with their finished houses.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My grandpa Richard's birthday

Nov. 23rd for my grandfather's birthday, I flew to Portland to meet my grandfather and dad then we drove on to Salem. Where we celebrated with a wonderful dinner my aunt Lee made. I got to spend five days with my family away from the kids being spoiled, enjoying dinners out and shopping trips. I had a great time but it was nice to come home. 

Grandpa's birthday dinner.

Dinner at the Road House

Me, Aunt Lee, Clancy, Grandpa, Dad and Lolo


Thanksgiving morning I went to visit my grandma Jane at the Cottages in Payette. I found her this cute little tree with LED lights and decorations for her room. She was the first one at the assisted living to have a tree. I had a nice visit with her and got to say hi to my uncle Bill and his family. Then I picked up Mike and the kids and headed to my mother-in-law Reva's house for a yummy dinner with Mike's family. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving.

My grandmother, uncle Bill and his family.

Reva and Scott.

Amanda, Mariah and Alysha

Mike, Kristey and Ashley

Ruby, Landon and baby on the way

Monday, December 3, 2012

Idaho Ice World

My brother Cody came to visit so we all decided to go ice skating. It was a lot of fun even with all the crashing and falling. Mike even gave it a try this time and did really well. It was also Alysha's friend Jacobi's birthday and first time skating and they had a blast. My camera didn't do very well so don't have photos of everyone. :(

Jacobi and Alysha

Me standing for once that evening. I fell at least 6 times, worst ice skating I've done ever. I'm blaming it on my balance being off from my recent head injury from the ice skates falling on my head from the shelf in the shed the other day when I was trying to get my Christmas wreath down

Molly and her mini me, Delaney

 Grandma Francee with Delaney and Molly. Cody and Will in the back.

 Kids using walkers to help with skate, with Mike and Eric

Mike and Owen taking a break.