Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Fun Part 1

We are keeping busy so far this summer but only have a snapshot here and there so I decided to put them all together as a summer fun post. We started with helping my sister Molly get their new house ready to move in which the kids enjoyed playing with all the boxes. 

We made Gak to play with one afternoon. Spent time playing with friends in the backyard. The kids cleaned out their rooms so they could have a kids' yard sale with some of the neighbor kids. We received our package of caterpillars to grow into painted lady butterflies. We set up the pool, painted the picnic table and swing set. We roasted marshmallows in the back yard and made smores. The kids have been eating lunch at the park and going to swimming lessons at the city pool. We spent an afternoon at Lake View water park with cousins. So our summer is off to a great start.

Owen playing with GAK

Ashley playing with GAK

Our butterfly kit arrived in the mail.

The caterpillars

Playing with friends

Pool time

Kids' Yard Sale

Yummy watermelon

Being silly

Roasting marshmellows

Making smores


Swimming lessons

Playing at the park

Lake View water park with cousins

Learning a new song

Practicing in the backyard

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Free Fishing Day & BioBlitz

Saturday was Free Fishing Day and the Idaho Fish and Game held a kids event at Lake Lowell on Gott's Point. The kids learned water safety, about fishing, how to tie knots, painted fish then they got to fish. Owen lasted an hour and a half then was ready to quit since he wasn't catching anything but all the girls around him were. So we headed to get some lunch then stopped by the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge to see what was going on at the BioBlitz Day. They had live animals (snakes, lizards, fish, birds) along with booths with crafts and lots of information on animals and bugs. It was a fun day.

Painting fish at Gott's Point

Knot tying at Gott's Point

Owen with the snakes at Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge visitors center

Shooting Range

We went out to the shooting range so Mike could test out his Father's Day/Birthday present... a new shotgun. He has been talking about getting it for a while so we decided he could buy it and we would call it his Father's Day, Anniversary, and birthday present. He had a lot of fun shooting it and showed the kids all the different types of ammo and the patterns they make at different distances.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Owyhee Reservoir

On Sunday we decided to go to the Owyhee Reservoir for a picnic and some exploring. It was a nice warm day for it. We stopped by the Dam, then drove to the park for our picnic, followed by a hiked up the trail and then down to the water. The water is really low for this time of year. On our way home we stopped for a quick soak at Snivley Hot Springs. Boy was it crowded.