Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter afternoon at the Weideman's

Easter afternoon we headed to Weiser to Scott and Ruby's house for Easter dinner. The kids had lots of fun hunting for Easter eggs in their backyard and playing together. We had a wonderful Easter dinner and enjoyed Amanda's cute cupcakes. It was a fun way to end the Easter holiday.

Uncle Cliff and Aunt Carla

Aunt Kristey and cousin Mariah

Ashley with her bucket full of eggs.

Grandpa Al, uncle Cliff, aunt Carla, aunt Kristey, cousin Mariah and Mike

Cousins, Easter eggs and lots of fun.

Owen and his bucket of eggs.

Alysha with one of Amanda's cute flower cupcakes.

Ashley, cousin Alyse and cousin Lexi eating cupcakes.

Amanda with one of her cute flower cupcakes.

Owen with a cupcake.

Cousin Layla with a cupcake.

And even more cupcakes.....

It's Easter time

It's been a busy weekend. We started off by going to the city Easter Egg hunt. Where the kids raced a couple hundred other kids for a few plastic eggs. Then we came home and dyed Easter eggs and played with friends. In the afternoon Mike got off work early and picked up big brother Steven. We all visited and had dinner then went to the Edwards Theater and watched the movie Hop which was a cute Easter movie. We stopped by Grandma Reva's for a short visit then returned Steven to his mom and her family.

This morning the kids woke up to find Easter baskets on the kitchen table full of goodies. Then we explored the backyard to find all the Easter eggs. It's been a great weekend so far. This afternoon we are headed to Weiser to hunt more eggs and have dinner with Mike's family. Fun, fun, fun..... :)

Girls with their tye-dyed eggs.

Owen, Steven and Ashley.

At the theater to see Hop

After a great time at the movies.

Easter Morning.

Kids after hunting Easter Eggs.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Early Easter bunnies

Ashley's rabbit Flower had four baby bunnies, Monday the 18th. We took a quick peek at them and they look healthy and very pink. Flower made them a nest in the middle of a bale of hay and added rabbit fur for warmth. Yes, they are rabbits even though they look like newborn piglets. They should start growing hair in the next few days, in ten days their eyes will open and in three weeks they will be hopping around. We are very happy to see our new little Easter Bunnies. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Watching the flowers grow

We have been busy cleaning out flower beds and planting seeds. We are enjoying watching our flowers and plants grow. Here are a few of our favorites.

Our little beans growing taller everyday.

Owens pumpkin plants along with Brussels sprouts, cucumbers and marigolds.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Feels like Spring

While Alysha was at Grandma Francee's for the weekend, Ashley, Owen and I went to the Walmart garden center grand opening. They got their photo taken with the Easter bunny, free cake and punch. Made little chocolate pudding cups with crushed chocolate cookies and gummy worms for little dirt cups. A Walmart employee helped them plant marigolds in little cups. They played a fishing game and won mini window greenhouses & seeds. Ashley won a cabbage plant on the plant walk game. Was a fun morning then we came home and planted our new seeds and little green houses. Thanks, Walmart.

Kids with their dirt cups (chocolate pudding, cookies and gummy worms)

Owen fishing for a mini window green house.

Kids ready to plant marigolds.

Ashley on the plant walk.

Planting seeds and their little green houses.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pickle Butte

We headed out to Pickle Butte to play in the dirt. Owen and Ashley took turns driving the power wheels jeep and riding their bikes while us big kids rode our motorcycles. It was Alysha's first time riding the Honda 90 in the dirt and she did awesome. I had a lot of fun and am starting to feel comfortable with the dirt, gravel and sand on my Yamaha TW200. Was a fun afternoon and a beautiful spring day. :)

Stacy and Alysha ready to ride.

Mike testing out my bike in the dirt while Ashley and Owen drive the jeep down a hill.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weideman's Move In

Today we all headed to Weiser to help my sister-in-law and family move into their house. We got the beds all set up and things put in closets. Uncle Bob made a list of electrical things to work on like a ceiling fan with lights in the dinning room and lighting in the kitchen. Alysha and Amanda unpacked board games and sorted the girls' clothes. In the afternoon we all enjoyed a yummy taco salad and grilled hot dogs followed by Aunt Carla's birthday cake. Was a productive day and I think we got them off to a good start.

Where's Ruby?

Owen and Layla playing outside.

Alaina, Amanda & Alysha playing in the livingroom.

Grandma Reva playing with Layla and Owen

Kristey, Ruby & Bob deciding where new lights need to be

Kids having lunch

Checking out the shop

Family - Mike, Ruby, Kristey, Carla, Reva & Bob

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break Projects

As Spring Break comes to an end I am very happy to see all the projects we have been working on rain or shine. Mike finished my window box and I planted strawberries in it. Mike and I remodeled the rabbit hutches. I painted the hutches, window box, planters, birdhouses, raised garden boxes, picnic table and my outside worm box. My worm factory 360 arrived with my 2000 composing worms and are all set up in the kitchen to eat all our kitchen waste and make awesome plant food for me. We planted seeds in the garden and in my little green house. We cleared a spot for Owen's pumpkin patch and Mike started rearranging my drip irrigation system. Feels great to see things coming together. Happy spring. Grow little plants, grow! :)

Alysha and my new window box.

Remodeled rabbit hutches

My little garden painted and planted.

Owen's future Pumpkin patch on the back side of the garden.

April Fools

For April Fools Day Ashley wanted to look like she had a black eye so we put make up on her before taking the kids to Grandma Reva's house for the day. :)

Then Mike and I went for an April Fools Day ride and enjoyed the beautiful sunny and warm weather. We went out to Pickle Butte for a little bit then on to Hemmingway to practice riding in the dirt. We rode for about six hours and a hundred miles which was the longest I have ridden all at once. Was a fun day and I was tired by the time we got home. :)

The Hardy's at Lake Lowell

Pickle Butte