Monday, November 30, 2015

Second Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving we headed to grandma Reva's house to see Mike's family. Uncle Bob and Aunt Shelley were here from out of town along with Aunt Kristey and cousins. Aunt Ruby and family were in Weiser but we had plans to get together the next morning with everyone.

Amanda, Sarah, Shelley, Kristey, Mariah

Mike with some dessert

Mariah, Amanda and uncle Bob

Happy Thanksgiving

This year we spent Thanksgiving at my sister Molly's house in Boise. It was the first year in a long time that everyone was able to be there. We had a wonderful dinner with lots of yummy food and desserts then played a few board games. The kids even went outside to play in the snow then had a master chef contest with wooden food. It was a nice Thanksgiving.

Delaney, Mason and Owen filling their plates

Uncle Will helping Owen with the turkey

Getting ready to eat

Ashley filling up her plate

Kids at their table

Mike with his plate

Marisa, Cody, Grandpa Jack, Alysha, Grandma Francee, Stacy, Mike, Will and Molly

Alysha after dinner

Kids in the family room

Master chef time

Cody, Alysha, Molly and Will playing a board game

Thanksgiving break

Thanksgiving break finally arrived and we spent a few days catching up on things around the house, made 3 cases of grape jelly, pies, did our nails and Ashley made origami Christmas lights. It was nice to get to stay home with no school or work for a few days.

Alysha making pumpkin pies

Ashley making chocolate pies

Our Thanksgiving nails

Ashley making origami Christmas Lights

Friday, November 27, 2015

Indian Creek Tree Lighting

Last weekend we went to watch the Indian Creek Tree Lighting ceremony in downtown Caldwell with Aunt Kristey and Amanda. Alysha was busy working at subway so she wasn't there. We walked around and looked at all the booths then got hot chocolate. We found a good spot to watch the lights come on and took a few photos. It was fun and a bit chilly too.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Alysha's First Car

Alysha has been saving her paychecks and withdrew money from her savings account then we went shopping for her first car. We came across this cute little red two door 96 Olds Achieva that a lady was selling for a great price. It's in great shape with winter tires and only needs a few things done to it. She brought it home and Mike got busy doing some easy fix its on it. We took it to the car wash and vacuumed it. Then Mike detailed it and now it's all shiny. Today we went and transferred the title, registered, licensed and added it to our insurance. It's all ready to transport her to work and back.

It's got lots of trunk space

Mike detailing it

New license plates

Alysha's 18th Birthday

We went rollerskating the day before Alysha's 18th birthday at the Rollerdrome. Then we came home and had Papa Murphy's pizzas. We finished the evening with Alysha's Game of Thrones cake I made her, ice cream and presents. The next day, on her actual birthday I took her balloons while she was working at Subway then she had friends over and got Panda Express.

Getting ready to skate. Alysha, Cheyenne, Owen, Mason and Delaney

Alysha and Cheyenne

Cousin Delaney and Aunt Marisa

Uncle Cody and Delaney

Owen and cousin Mason

Uncle Cody, Aunt Molly, Aunt Marisa, Mason, Owen, Ashley, Delaney and Cheyenne

Ashley and Delaney

Cody, Delaney, Alysha and Ashley

Mason, Ashley, Alysha and Owen

The whole gang

Alysha's Game of Thrones cake

Game of Thrones cup cakes

Alysha with her cake

Alysha at Subway