Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Owen's newest best friend Leo the leopard gecko has been keeping him busy since his birthday. We got his habitat all set up in the living room where everyone can watch him. Once every few days Owen gets him out to play for a little while. We enjoy watching him catch crickets and meal worms.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Owen's 7th Birthday Party

Owen's 7th birthday party was at the new Idaho Aquarium in Boise. We had a great time feeding fish, sharks and rays. Touching the octopus and fish. Making sea creatures out of playdoh. Then eating cake and opening presents. He had a great birthday.

Cousin Delaney feeding the fish

Cousins - Mason, Alyse, Layla, Alaina & Lexi feeding the fish

Feeding the sharks and rays

Boys meeting Fred

Girls and Fred

Making playdoh sea creatures

Layla touching the Octopus

Lexi touching the octopus

Alysha touching the octopus

Owen with his birthday cake

Opening presents
Dinosaur Legos!

Exploring more of the aquarium

Playing in the touch tank..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Busy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always a busy one for us since it is also Owen's birthday. Above are the treats I made for Mike and the kids for valentines day. Below are a few of the cupcakes I made for Owen to take to school. While the kids were at school Mike took me out to lunch at the Olive Garden which was so good. Then we dropped off Owen's cupcakes at school for his movie party. Once the kids were home and all their homework was done Ashley gave Owen a treasure map she made him. Then he hunted for buried treasure in the backyard. Ashley helped him carry the treasure chest into the house where he opened it to find birthday presents. He received some new t-shirts, Legos, robots and wonderful birthday cards with spending money. He got busy putting together one of his new Lego sets while Mike made us breakfast for dinner. We are now headed to the Reel theater to see the new Muppet movie. We'll be having a birthday party for Owen on Saturday at the new Idaho Aquarium. :)

Cupcakes for school

Owen with his treasure map

Hunting for treasure

Found the treasure chest

Transporting the chest

Opening his loot

One of his new t-shirts

building a Lego set

Sunday, February 12, 2012


This weekend was the Repticon at the Nampa Civic Center. I bought Owen tickets for his birthday cause he has been holding onto the postcard for weeks. He got to go in an hour before the public to view the animals which was really nice. Then we came back on Sunday and he picked out a leopard gecko to bring home.

Owen looking at a large snake

Owen with the turtles

He really liked these crabs

He had lots of fun blowing on the scorpions to wake them up.

Owen's favorite animals at the show were the leopard geckos

On Sunday dad was able to come look with him.

Owen with his new leopard gecko

The boys at home

A closer view - he is starting to shed so his colors don't show up very well.

Checking out the new habitat.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Idaho Aquarium

Today was our first visit to the new Idaho Aquarium in Boise. We had a lot of fun and the kids got to see and touch different sea life. We are looking forward to celebrating Owen's 7th birthday there in two weeks.