Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Big Dam Tour

Mike and I signed up to ride our motorcycles in the Big Dam Tour that the Bird's of Prey motorcycle shop here in Caldwell put on. They fed us breakfast and gave us post cards to take photos with at each of the dams. Our group was a small group of 4 dual sport bikes and we headed to Lake Lowell,  the Owyhee Dam and then Black Canyon Dam. It was the most miles I have ridden all at one time (178 miles) and my little bike and I did our best to keep up with all the big bikes. The guys were all really nice and didn't go over 65 mph so I could keep up. Their were a few other women on the ride with their husbands but I was the only one riding my own bike. We only made it to three of the five dams then headed back to the shop for free dinner from BTown Bistro and we each received a bag of goodies (t-shirts, towels, stickers, & more). We got to put tickets into drawings and I won a big box of fireworks. It was a fun day and I was exhausted...

Mike and I at Lake Lowell

Mike and the guys at the Owyhee Dam

Black Canyon Dam

BTown Bistro truck and Scott with his prizes from the drawing

the fireworks I won

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