Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend

To keep the kids busy while waiting for Halloween to arrive we went to Home Depot's Halloween party. Where the kids got to color pictures for the coloring contest and trick or treat around the store. Then we went to Michael's craft store where they got to decorate buckets with Halloween foam decorations. Once Mike was home we got started on setting up our Halloween Maze for the trick or treaters. Halloween photos to come. :)

Home Depot photos.

Kids at Michael's


Garage being turned into our Wonderland maze.

Starting to come together.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Harvest Festival

Tonight was the Harvest Festival at the school so the kids got a dress rehearsal for Halloween. Alysha is the Mad Hatter, Ashley is Alice from Wonderland and Owen is a pirate. We had a lot of fun playing games and eating pizza. It was a fun evening.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scarecrows for the Harvest Festival at the school

If anyone has wondered where I have been the last few weeks, I've been hanging out in the garage painting these scarecrows for the schools Harvest Festival this Friday evening. They are about 6 feet tall on cardboard I collected from the Caldwell Rostock furniture store. A lot of paint and time later they are finally finished. Mike made stands for them and they are ready to be delivered to the school. Mike would love to have his garage back but I'm working on Alice in Wonderland paintings for our Halloween maze so he'll have to wait another week. :)

Stacy with the scarecrows.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

TEAM Delaney at the FAAN Walk

Today was the FAAN Walk in Boise. Team Delaney was 5th in fundraising. A big Thank You to everyone that helped. It was a beautiful morning at the park and greenbelt for our walk. Followed by snacks and playing in the park.

Team Delaney walking on the greenbelt

Kids in their fun hats.

Delaney and Ashley on the walk back to the park.

FREE Pumpkin Patch

This morning we were driving to Boise for Delaney's Allergy Walk when we saw a sign for FREE pumpkins. So we stopped and the kids picked out pumpkins to bring home. AWESOME! :)

Owen with his pumpkin

Ashley with her pumpkin

Alysha with her pumpkin

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grandma Reva's Halloween Party

We had a big family get together at Grandma Reva's Halloween party where the kids had tons of treats and played "minute to win it" games. Slide the cookie down your face without touching or dropping it. Get all the balls out of the bucket on your back without bending over. Wrap up with toilet paper without breaking it and more. It was a very fun filled day.

Cousins - Sarah, Alysha and Amanda

Cousins- Landon and Owen

Girls trying to slide cookies down their faces.

Mike and Landon

Mike trying to bounce the balls out of the bucket on his back.

Lexi, Ashley, Alyse and Layla with all the toilet paper.

Kids trying to eat doughnuts and marshmallows without using their hands.

Painting pumpkins.

Apple Cider Press

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Wassard's to make apple cider last weekend. The photo above is my brother Cody since he is in Arizona and couldn't make it. We had fun pressing the apples and the kids helped for ten minutes or so then went back to playing. We made 20 gallons this year the most we have ever done. Then we celebrated Grandpa's birthday with pizza and cake. It was a fun day.

Mike, Grandpa and Uncle Will pressing cider.

Alysha and Owen helping.

Owen and Mason helping.

Ashley and Delaney having a tea party.

Kids eating pizza. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011


October started off with the kids having a week off from school. I ended up being sick with a nasty cold so we had to cancel our trip to Salem to see my grandfather. Then kids found lots of things to do instead. They were little inventors out in the backyard with cardboard and tape. We got a new batch of baby bunnies and Owen lost another tooth. Once I was feeling better we worked on painting our Halloween decorations. (Photos to come on Halloween) I went to a couponing class with my mom and sister which ended up with a subscription to get five Sunday newspapers so I can collect coupons. Now I'm trying to figure out where the good deals are. I also started my third cake decorating class and for practice make Grandpa Jack a birthday cake.

Owen's smiles missing a tooth

Starting to coupon

Matching witch shirts

Grandpa Jack's birthday cake.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Wilton Cake Classes

Well, it's been a crazy last week of September here.  I've been sick but did manage to finish my last two classes for the Wilton Basic Cake Decorating class and the Wilton Gum Paste & Fondant class. 

My final cake for the gum paste and fondant class.

My final cake for the basic cake decorating class.

October I'll be in the Wilton flowers class. 

Ashley's 3rd grade Pet Party

For an award for the 3rd graders being good they got to have a pet party at school with root beer floats. Ashley choose to bring Alysha's early birthday present Sidney. It was a fun afternoon.

Ashley show and telling about Sidney

Alysha with Sidney.

Mason's birthday

We had a nice lunch at Molly's house to celebrate Mason's birthday. The kids had fun playing and eating cake. They are all getting so big. :)