Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July camping trip with Mike's family

After our 4th of July surprise party crashers invaded they insisted that we all go camping. Ruby talked to her in-laws in Weiser and reserved us a campground after reading the driving directions we realized it was just outside of Council and even on my parent's road just a few miles the opposite direction. Of course my parents had plans to be in Boise that weekend. Anyhow, we all had a great time camping, roasting marshmallows, collecting bugs, playing in the river, doing crafts, singing by the campfire and hanging out.

Alyse, Lexi, Ashley & Owen in the river.

Grandma Reva and Mike

Stacy setting up the kitchen area.

Reva aka Hermit Crab relocating her tent.

Mike and sister Ruby.

Alaina playing with paper dolls.

Mariah and Amanda working on crafts.

Ashley ready for the ring toss.

Alyse and Owen playing ring toss.

Ruby and Amanda setting up tents.

Mike sleeping with the dogs.

Owen and James painting cars.

Alaina showing us her necklace she made.

Mariah lost in nature.

Kristey I found you! Trying to hide from my camera.

Owen roasting marshmallows.

Mike with a marshmallow in the eye.

Stacy and a smore.

Hanging out around the campfire.

BEWARE of the night creatures.

Ashley and Owen at Grandma Reva's craft table.

Alaina, Lexi and Alyse at Grandma Reva's craft table.

Hanging out in the shade.

Owen and James had fun collecting bugs.

Amanda, Mariah & Kristey by the campfire.

Mike the safety police!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend

The 4th of July is Mike's favorite holiday and since his birthday is on the 1st we usually have fun filled first few days of July. We went to the Caldwell 4th of July parade and celebration at Memorial park. Where the kids played in the jumpy house, had a pony ride, petted animals in the petting zoo and picked out real bug jewelry. Then we came home and made star shaped cookies and brownies that looked like little BBQ grills with candy hamburgers, hot dogs, fish and kabobs. On the 4th we had some of Mike's family over for a BBQ in the back yard. We had a surprise visit from Mike's sister Ruby and her four little girls all the way from Colorado Springs. The kids loved having kids to play with and started a water fight. Which is a tradition in Mike's family doesn't matter which get together or the weather. To finish up the weekend we all went to the big fireworks.

Mike on his birthday.

Kids at the 4th of July Parade.

Kids watching the parade.

Ashley on the pony ride.

Owen with his Real Bug braclet with a white crab in it.

Ashley helping make cookies.

Stacy baking the cookies.

Ashley with our cookies, brownies & Patri-botic centerpiece.

Surprise visit from the Weideman's - Layla, Alaina, Lexi & Alyse

Grandma Reva & Kristey in the back yard.

Aunt Carla & Aunt Ruby at our BBQ.

Mike BBQing hamburgers & hot dogs.

Mariah, Reva, Kristey, Amanda & Carla in our back yard.

Owen with his cousins, Alaina, Layla & Lexi

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

Having a great time watching the fireworks.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June - the start of a busy summer!

June started off with a bang. Alysha went to her first concert, Carrie Underwood at the Idaho Center with her aunt Molly & me. We had a great evening! Then Alysha was off to Texas to visit her dad & brother Jayden. Mike and I took Ashley & Owen out riding on one of his days off. Owen went fishing on Free Fishing day. We enjoyed a full filled day in Parma for Old Fort Boise Days. Where we watched the parade with cousin James playing in the band, played at the Parma pool, I belly danced with cousin Mariah's dance troop, Owen won a gold fish and the kids went on a few rides. A few days later we were off to Riggins, ID to visit my dad Rick and brother Cory while my grandfather Richard was there visiting. We had fun doing a little fishing and visiting the Salmon fish hatchery. When we got home Mike took the kids to the park and launched rockets one afternoon. It finally got warm enough to set up the pool in the backyard. We enjoyed visiting the library for the summer reading program with puppet shows, Kung-Fu, Discovery Center water science demo and free lunches at the park. Ashley had a refreshment stand at Grandma Reva's yard sale. Then I performed at the Weiser Fiddler's Festival with Mariah & Liz's dance troop which was really fun. Grandma Francee & Grandpa Jack took the kids for a weekend while Mike and I went camping up past Idaho City and rode our motorcycles. We got a visitor in the mail. Flat Stanley arrived from cousin Alyse. We are having fun making him clothes and writing in his journal. July is looking busy, busy, busy!

Stacy and Owen out for a slow ride.

Mike and Ashley out for a ride.

Stacy and Ashley out riding.

Waiting for the Old Fort Boise Days parade to start.

Cousin James playing his Tuba in the parade.

Kids at the Parma pool.
Cousin Mariah's dance troop performing at the Old Fort Boise Days.
Stacy and Mariah at Old Fort Boise Days.

Stacy performing her cane solo.

Ashley and Owen with Owen's gold fish he won.

Ashley on the fish ride.

Owen on the fish ride.

Kids on a space ship ride.

Mike and kids on the swings.

Mike fishing with Owen's little pole on the Salmon River, Riggins, Idaho

Owen fishing on the Salmon River

Grandpa Rick and Owen fishing.

Ashley on Grandpa Rick's deck over looking the Salmon River.

Ashley and Owen playing in the sand on the Salmon River.

Ashley & Owen at the Salmon Fish Hatchery. 350 adult Salmon in the pond.

Kids in front of the fry ponds.

Grandpa Rick, Ashley, Great Grandpa Richard & Owen

My dad Rick, me and my grandfather Richard, Bella too.
Mike and kids at park launching rockets.
Kids and rockets.

Playing in the pool in the back yard.

Ashley's refreshment stand at Grandma Reva's yard sale.

Kids at the park for the Free Lunch program.

Stacy getting ready to perform at the Weiser Fiddler's Festival.

Ashley with cousin Mariah's dance troop in the back ground.

Stacy performing at the Weiser Fiddler's Festival.

Stacy & Ashley at the Fiddler's Festival.

Stacy and Mike on their 5th anniversary

Camping in the mountains up past Idaho City.

Out for a ride in the mountains.

Mike playing in the dirt.

Brrrrr.... it's cold in the mornings.

Stacy on a ride before heading home.

Mike and Stacy on a ride before heading home.

Catching butterflies to take home for the kids to see.
They were everywhere!!

Kids with Flat Stanley at the Library getting their reading prizes.

Ashley having lunch at the park with Flat Stanley.