Saturday, February 21, 2015

Owen's 10th birthday

Owen's birthday ended up being spread out over the weekend. Mike and I both had to work on Saturday (Owen's birthday and Valentines Day) so Owen and Ashley spent the night with grandma Reva. They had a lot of fun being crafty, baking and helping decorate Mike and my vehicles with hearts while we were working. Mike picked them up after work then Owen opened his presents at home. He chose to go to McDonald's for dinner which was a good choice since it was probably the only place without a line on Valentine's day. Then we went to the Reel Theater to watch the Penguins of Madagascar, which was cute and funny.

The next day we had the neighborhood kids come over to play a few of Aunt Ruby's games. We lucked out with warm weather and set everything up outside. We did an egg race, a game where the kids' wore pantyhose on their heads with a ball in one of the legs to knock over bottles, doughnut eating contest, a whip cream and Cheetos throwing game and a lizard pinata. Then they all ate lizard cupcakes with ice cream and Owen opened a few more presents.

Once we cleaned up the backyard, we headed to the Idaho Aquarium to hang out with the fish. Owen loves that place. He petted the rays, star fish and sharks. They have added more reptiles so we had fun looking at them too. It was a fun filled weekend.

Dinner at McDonalds - Owen's birthday and Valentine's Day

My car had a Heart Attack

Egg race round 1

Egg race round 2

Ashley and Chelsie

Cyress, Tyler and Owen

Cyress and Kyle

Doughnut eating contest

Whipped cream catching and Cheetos throwing race

Tyler catching Cheetos on his head

Pinata time

Owen with his lizard cupcakes

Completely sugared up neighbor kids

At the Idaho Aquarium

Straight Talk Wireless

I have been working for an event company that was hired by Straight Talk Wireless to promote their products in Walmarts around the nation. I have been working Friday afternoons/evenings and Saturdays for them at the Caldwell Walmart. They pay really well and it is not a hard job but I have had to miss a few things to do it. Lime green is not my favorite color but it is fun talking to the people that walk by my display table. Mike even stopped by with flowers for an early valentines present and then went grocery shopping with me after my shift at 8:30 pm.

I also got lucky and another part time job I applied for decided to hire me. Just wish it wasn't at the exact same time as the event company. I'm working for a Boise company that writes their own curriculum for their after school labs in Boise and Eagle. They hired me as a freelance graphic designer to layout new curriculum books for a contract they received to sell their books to a company in Saudi Arabia.  It is a great opportunity and will look awesome on my resume. So far I have got to work on subjects like 3D printing, SketchUp, Unity, and Circuits.  The curriculum books are all going to India to be translated into Arabic then sent to Saudi Arabia where they are going to be used to teach kids there too. So if you are trying to find me I'm at school, Walmart or glued to my computer.


Owen finished up is last achievement for cub scouts by making a birdhouse with Mike. He gets to move from the Bear Den to the Webelos Den. Ashley has been hard at work reading "Little Women" and made a timeline poster for school.

February Birthday Party

Grandma Reva wanted to go swimming at Given's hot springs to celebrate the February birthdays. Aunt Kristey organized it and they picked Saturday Feb. 7th. Mike and I both had to work so they picked the kids up and took them swimming for the afternoon. Then we all met at Reva's for dinner, cake and ice cream. I managed to whip up a lizard birthday cake for Owen in between going to school and working two part time jobs. Everyone had a great time swimming and enjoyed the evening together.

We celebrated Grandpa Al's turning 62, Grandma Reva turning 76 and Owen turning 10

Close up of Owen's lizard cake