Monday, February 15, 2010

Owen's 5th Birthday Party

For Owen's birthday this year we had a Monster Bash. Mike and I cut out cardboard and I painted monsters for decorations. We made foam monster party bags and masks. We found monster plates, napkins, cups, suckers and prizes. I made Owen's monster cake and squid hot dogs with spaghetti noodles coming out of the end. We played pin the eye on the monster, bingo, guess how many eye balls are in the jar, monster bean bag toss and Alysha put on a magic show. Followed by presents, cake and ice cream. I think the kids had a good time and Owen had a great birthday.

Party Monsters!

Alsyha's Magic Show.

Owen with the pin the eye on the monster.

Owen opening presents, one eyed monster penny bank. It talks and burps!

Owen with all his presents - Thank you everyone!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines!

We have been busy this February getting ready for Owen's birthday party and Valentine's Day. We have been making decorations, cookies, valentine's day cards, crafts, heart shape pizzas and eating way to much sugar!!

Since Owen's birthday is on Valentine's Day we celebrate Valentines on the day the kids have their school parties which was three days early. We made cookies for each of their classes, flowers for teachers, cards for most everyone. While the kids were at school I went to Mike's work and drew hearts and words all over the van windows. Then took him a cookie bouquet with balloons. I thought I'd just embarrass him in front of the other guys at work but he was giving a tour to a group of people from a bank so worked out even better. Then we made heart shape pizzas for dinner.

The following night we went to grandma Reva's and celebrated all the February birthdays. Owen shares his birthday month with Grandma Reva, cousin Delaney and Grandpa Al. Now we are getting ready for Owen's Monster Birthday Bash.

Kids with our decorated cookies.

Kids with all our Valentine stuff for their school parties.

Stacy making heart shape pizzas.

Stacy making cookie bouquets.

February birthday party.

Owen with his Walmart dinosaur cake.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's 2010 already?

(Stacy's New Years Hair Do)

2010 has arrived and I am counting down until May when I can be done with my year of interferon injections. 2009 was a major roller coaster for us but I am happy with how well it turned out even through all the ups and downs.

January was kind of a blur. We went sledding at Stream Boat Gulch with Mike's family which was a lot of fun! Then my sister Molly, brother Cody and I threw our parents a 30th Anniversary party and took them out dancing which was a blast. Ashley turned 7 years old and we had a littlest pet shop party with animal masks, little cardboard houses, lots of games and a castle cake. We ended January by going rollerskating at the Rollerdrome, I forgot how much fun that is. We are looking forward to February's activities!

(Alysha after sledding)

(The sledding party)

(The Hardy's sledding, missing Alysha & Steven)

(My parents at their 30th Anniversary party)

(My parents with their 30th Anniversary balloons)

(Ashley with her castle birthday cake)

(Our littlest Pet Shop Bean Bag Toss)

(Our Littlest Pet Shop Dog House)

(Our large cardboard house - this was the favorite one)

(The Party Animals at Ashley's party)

(The kids at the Rollerdrome)