Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fusion Fest

My dance troupe performed at the UnderBelly Show at Fusion Fest. We had a lot of fun and loved watching all the other dancers perform. Then we went to the After Party for more dancing. I had a blast and love getting to dance and dress up with all the big girls. :)

Habibi Nada on stage at Fusion Fest.

Canyon County Fair

This week was the Canyon County Fair. We went for the opening night of the carnival when they had wristbands on sale. It was a hot afternoon but we still had a lot of fun. Ashley and Owen rode as many rides as they could in the five hours with only one break for a snack. It's always a fun time.

Kids waiting in line for the Ferris Wheel.

Waiting in line for the swings.

Ashley and Owen on the swings.

Having a great time. :)

Swimming Lessons & Lego Camp

This summer Ashley and Owen spent four weeks in swimming lessons and passed level 1 & 2. They had a lot of fun getting to swim every weekday. They also had a week of Lego camp where they learned how to make mini Lego figure stop action movies. They are signed up for another camp the end of the month to learn about energy using Lego's.  

Owen jumping off the diving board.

Ashley on the diving board.

Kids at Lego Camp

Kids learning how to make their movie.

Ashley and her new friend taking photos for their movie.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Roaring Springs

Yesterday, we met my family at Roaring Springs for a day full of fun. All the kids except for Delaney were big enough to go on all the big slides. We enjoyed the lazy river, wave pool, kiddie pool and a least six big slides throughout the afternoon. It was a great day. 

Owen and Ashley in the lazy river.

Owen and Ashley in the wave pool

Kids eating Dippin' Dots

Ashley and Grandpa Jack waiting in line.

Uncle Will, Mason, Owen and Lucas ready to go down the slide.

Uncle Will, Aunt Molly, Mason, Lucas and Ashley waiting in line.

Kids ready to race down the slide.

Owen on one of the slides.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nyssa ThunderEgg Days

A few of us danced at the Nyssa Thunder Egg Days over the weekend. A lot of girls were on vacation or unable to come so we were down to only three of us but we still had a great time. Above is a photo Ashley took of me doing my solo. Below are photos she took while we were dancing on stage. That evening Liz and I danced in Boise at the Red Room which was a ton of fun. :)

 Stacy, Amy and Liz on stage and the Nyssa ThunderEgg Days.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lakeview Waterpark

Yesterday we went to the Lakeview water park in Nampa. Ashley and Owen had a great time. It really helped that they were big enough to do everything since the park is for little kids. They are bugging to go again. Which looking at the weather forecast, I think we will plan on it soon. :)

Cousins Mariah, Sarah and Amanda enjoying the water in the deep ended, 4ft.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

4th of July started with the Caldwell parade by Memorial park. We found a partly shady spot to watch the parade. Then we headed to the park to look at all the booths, the car show, eat lunch and play a few games. I had promised the kids a while back that I would go swimming with them in the city pool so we did for a little while. I wasn't feeling very well so headed back home for a quick nap. Then Mike's family came over for a BBQ and made homemade ice cream. We finished the evening by watching the fireworks at the college then lighting a few here at home. It was a busy day, okay a BUSY couple of weeks. I'm wiped out but it was a lot of fun. Hoping the next couple weeks are slow and quiet. :)

Amanda, Sarah, Aunt Shelley and Aunt Carla watching the parade.

Mike and kids at the park

Sarah and grandma Reva making homemade ice cream

Aunt Kristey and Amanda in the backyard

Sarah and grandma Reva

Grandma Reva, Aunt Shelley, Aunt Kristey, Amanda & Sarah

Mike and Aunt Shelley checking on the ice cream

Me, see I was there.

Mike and Stacy on the 4th of July

Uncle Cliff, Aunt Carla, Grandma Reva and Al at the college watching for the fireworks to start.

Aunt Shelley, Mariah and Aunt Kristey watching the fireworks

So Pretty! Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Aunt Shelley's 50th birthday

Aunt Shelley wanted to float the Boise river for her 50th birthday. So we all got together and headed the river.  It was a fun float trip even with Sarah and Amanda popping their tubes. We all headed back to grandma Reva's for dinner, cake and presents. 

Aunt Ruby, Alyse and Aunt Shelley

Aunt Carla, Mariah and James

Owen and Mike

Owen and Stacy

Aunt Kristey

We all made it to the bottom.

Aunt Shelley with her birthday cake I made her.

Better photo of her cake.