Sunday, September 20, 2015

Eric's Wedding

Friday was my little brother's best friend Eric's wedding. We got dressed up then headed to the Idaho Press Tribune to pick up Mike then we drove to the Sandstone vineyards in Kuna. The location was so pretty and everything was set up very nicely. I took a few photos but not very many of the wedding. I did take a lot of Alysha to possibly use as her senior pictures since she was dressed up so nicely and we have awesome backyards. We are so happy for Eric and Lindsay. Their wedding was beautiful with lots of family, friends, food and dancing.

Mike and Owen - twins

Ashley, Owen, Mason, Delaney and Alysha

Delaney, Mason, Will and Molly

Ready for the wedding to start

Lindsay and her dad
Eric watching Lindsay

Cody (the best man) and Marisa

Our table
Stacy and Mike

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Stacy's birthday

Well, another birthday has come and gone. It was mostly spent at school then at work but Alysha made a yummy pork chop dinner and the kids all made me a cake. It was a nice end of the day.

Alysha practicing drawing with Henna on Ashley

Girls clothes shopping

Indian Creek Festival

Last weekend we went to the Indian Creek Festival downtown Caldwell. We watched the cardboard boat race as they floated down the creek all made from cardboard and duct tape. Then we walked around and looked at booths purchased drinks and watched the CHS marching band perform. I got sucked into the Jamberry nails booth and some how ended up signing up to host a party on Sept. 26th. It'll be fun to see how to apply them. Then we headed home to play in the pool.

CHS marching band and color guard

Alysha got her driver's license

Last week Alysha and I waited two hours at the DMV then she passed her the written driver's test. We called and made an appointment with a DMV tester then she took her driving test and passed that too. Eek, now I have a teenage driver, scary....

Alysha with her driver's license

Monday, September 7, 2015

Owen's Pack Meeting

At Owen's pack meeting for cub scouts he received three more badges: artist, first respond-er and build a better world. Each of the boys made a tracing of their foot then wrote ways to stay clean, morally and physically on them. I'm keeping Owen's to show to him every few days. :)

Owen with his awards

Owen's foot with ways to stay clean... :)

I am an art teacher :)

I am now a paid art teacher. I am working for Young Rembrandts of Boise teaching drawing classes at three different Elementary schools in Southeast Boise in the afternoons. All the lessons and supplies are completely provided with everything I need to teach my classes. I have completed my teacher training and I'm super excited to start teaching my classes this week. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Owyhee Dam Ride

Last Saturday Mike and I went for an easy ride out to the Owyhee Dam then to Indian Creek Campground and back. It was all pavement so I didn't need Mike to patch up my bike this time. There were a lot of corners and curves for me to practice on but I still haven't quite got over my fear of 90 degree corners. I wrecked a few years back on Pearl Rd coming from Horseshoe Bend when my front tire slid out from under me on gravel while I was turning on a 90 degree corner. It knocked the wind out of me and I got a few bruises but now I get nervous every time I encounter a sharp corner. Maybe someday I won't even thing about them. Anyways, we had a nice ride and took some photos.

Mike with a large rock

Mike with a little rock