Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day BBQs

Ashley, Delaney, Mason, Uncle Cody and Owen

We had a very busy Memorial Day with two BBQs. First we went to my sister Molly's house in Boise for a lunch BBQ and got to visit with my brother Cody who just arrived from North Carolina. Then we rushed home to get things ready for our BBQ with Mike's family for dinner. It was a busy but very fun day with lots of family.

Delaney, Ashley, Owen and Mason

Audrey, Landon, Layla, Alaina, Owen, Lexi, Ashley and Alyse

I think Pepe' is thinking "Beware of little girls"

Layla and Pepe'

Lexi, Alyse and Ashley

Al, Amanda, Kristey, Ruby, Alaina, Cliff, Carla and grandma Reva

Mike BBQing with his little helper

Food time

Audrey in the sandbox

Kristey, Mariah and Amanda.

Cliff, Carla, grandma Reva, Al and Landon.

Landon, Lexi and Alyse

Alaina and Owen

Ashley, Landon, Lexi, Layla and Alyse

Owen and Landon

It's bubble time

Girl dance party

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last day of school already?

It's hard to believe but another school year has come and gone. Above photo is from Owen and Ashley's last day of school with flowers for their teachers. We are all really ready for a break from school and homework. We have lots of fun plans for the summer.

Ashley received the Honor Roll award again at the school assembly. She worked really hard to keep up with all her different classes with different teachers this year. She had a great attitude and all her 6th grade teachers had wonderful things to say about her.

Owen finished his 4th grade year with lots of friends and good memories. His teachers were always super happy with his behavior and being a good role model for other kids in his class. He also had really good grades even with half his classes being completely in Spanish.

Alysha will be in 12th grade next year, Ashley will be in 7th grade and Owen will be in 5th grade.

Ashley receiving her Honor Roll award

Shooting Range

Mike wanted to test out the 22 after he made some adjustments so we went out to Pickle Butte shooting range while the kids were at school. It was looking like it would rain but it didn't until after we headed home. The clouds were beautiful. I collected brass while we were there to recycle.

Alysha headed to Florida

Alysha finished her junior year taking online classes with Richard McKenna Online Charter School. She got straight "A's" and finished her classes early. I'm very proud of her. She did an awesome job showing self discipline and motivation.

She usually goes to Texas to visit her dad and brother for the summer but they moved to Florida so she flew there. She will then be driving to Georgia to see her grammie and more family. We will miss her but I'm sure she will have a great time with her dad's family and hanging out on the Florida beaches.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mother's Day

For mother's day we invited everyone over for a BBQ. Jasson was the first to arrive and helped Mike get things ready in the kitchen. Alysha painted my toe nails while we were waiting. Ashley made everyone rainbow loom rubber band bracelets with flowers on them. The kids bought me a new chain for my necklace with their names engraved on it and Mike bought me new motorcycle pants. Amanda bought a puppy with her that she was thinking about keeping and everyone had fun playing with it. We all had a nice bbq and the weather was great. We had grandma Reva open her mother's day gifts then we celebrated aunt Kristey's birthday with presents and cake. It was a very nice evening.

Alysha painting my toe nails

Jasson helping in the kitchen

Jasson, Al, Reva and Mike in the livingroom

Mariah, Kristey, Alysha and Amanda talking to James on the computer

Jasson, Amanda, Mariah, Kristey, Reva, Carla and Al in the backyard

Mike BBQing

Hanging out around the table

Playing with the puppy

Ashley giving grandma Reva her mother's day gift

Time to celebrate Kristey's 45 birthday

my new motorcycle pants.

Testing out my new pants

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jump Creek

Now that I am out of school Mike and I have Mondays to go riding, well at least for a couple weeks until the kids are out of school. We decided to take a picnic and ride to Jump Creek. It was a beautiful day for it and we were amazed how many people were there on a Monday. We hiking into the little waterfall and ate lunch then hiked back out and headed on our way. It was a nice little ride.