Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Playing catch up...end of April

Well, I have really gotten behind on my blogging. I don't think I mentioned that I got hired as a Web Developer Intern in the Marketing Department at the College of Western Idaho. Which is really cool and scary at the same time. I am switching gears from school to jumping into learning Drupal, the most complicated content management system of all (at the current moment at least), the White House's website is build with Drupal.  So yes, I am almost done with school but the learning has just begun.

Since I'm working for CWI I get to hear about all the fun college events. This one was a fundraiser for student scholarships at the Rollerdrome so I picked up the kids after work and we went skating. It was a lot of fun....

As you can see we had tons of space..

 We all got together at grandma Reva's to celebrate Carla's birthday.

Mike has been busy working on vehicles - Kristey's van and car, our 4runner and Mike's little blue car.

I started taking a new belly dance class in Boise - gypsy tribal style.

And our new granddaughter Lily was born. yay!!!

Isn't she so cute!!!!

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