Thursday, June 2, 2016


Amanda was super sweet and asked Alysha to go to Prom with her by putting this sign on her bedroom door and decorating her room while she was at work.

A lady I work with told me about Dresstravaganza where the girls could go and borrow prom dresses.  They even did the girls hair and makeup it was so cool...

Prom was on the same day as Alysha's graduation BBQ but the girls went and got their dresses, hair and makeup done in the morning then came back for the BBQ. In the evening around 7:30pm they got dressed and we took some photos. Mike and I quickly made them each a wrist corsage and off they went. It was a busy and fun day.

Mike hot gluing flowers onto the wire & ribbon bracelets I put together

Prom preParty in Alysha's room

Wrist corsages turned out nice

Mariah touching up Amanda's hair

Charles' Angels' pose

Trying to leave...

End of the night still having fun...

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