Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We have been keeping busy this spring break. We collected a few more bunnies to play with. Which lead to a rabbit hutch remodel project to house more cute furry friends. I've been busy painting my new window box (photo to come when strawberries are planted in it) and repainting all my outside bird houses and decorations. We have been working on cleaning up our little garden and added two more raised garden beds. The kids have been enjoying the time out of school by making forts, playing inside & outside and creating beautiful artwork. We even made our Disneyland vacation scrapbooks. For the rest of spring break we are planning on doing some grocery shopping, then who knows what will happen on April Fool's Day followed by a weekend of filling garden boxes with dirt and planting some seeds. :)

New furry friends - Sweet Pea, Coco and Licorice

Ashley fishing for a bunny with a carrot

Ashley in the garden

Mike remodeling the rabbit hutch

Girls with two story rabbit hutch.

 Kids creating their Disneyland scrapbooks

Finished scrapbooks. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aunt Ruby's New House

Our first day of spring break we went with Grandma Reva and Aunt Kristey to see Aunt Ruby's new house. We had a fun day playing with cousins in their empty house. We ate lunch and dinner in their beautiful kitchen and explored the huge back yard. They have a lot of work to do moving in, unpacking, decorating, pool to clean, weeds to pull etc.. I'm sure it will look like home in a short time. We are looking forward to our next visit.

Ashley petting the cat who came with the house.

Checking out the inground swimming pool.

Amanda and Alysha by the pool.

Cousins in the backyard.

Playing on the swingset.

Looking at all the plants & flowers starting to grow.

Aunt Kristey and Aunt Ruby cooking in the kitchen for the first time.

Alysha and Lexi upstairs

Girls playing in the closet.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wow, it's March.

Time isn't slowing down that is for sure. It's been a few weeks since I posted anything. Since Owen's birthday we have gone to dentist, dermatologist, oncologist. pediatrics and optometry appointments. I got a motorcycle, a 2001 Yamaha TW200 - FUN! Alysha started learning to ride on the 1975 Honda Trail 90. Mike got new motocross boots, so hopefully he won't have any more broken ankles. Alysha had an orchestra concert and did awesome. Mike flew to Colorado and drove back with sister Ruby and his four nieces. Who now are living in Weiser, much closer. :) I met my sister and family at Given Hot Springs for an afternoon of swimming. Finally, I've been working on a rabbit run for our bunny Flower and we picked up a new little bunny to play with. Next on my list is cleaning out my garden. It's almost spring!!

Alysha on the 90

Kids at Given's Hot Springs..

Owen in Mike's new armor

Ashley with our new baby.