Sunday, April 10, 2016

CWI Comic Con

The College of Western Idaho put on a Comic Con at the Nampa Campus last weekend. Ashley has been talking about wanting to go to a Comic Con since Halloween so when I saw the flyer at school I told her about it and she has been super excited to go. So we dressed up and headed to the CWI Comic Con. We talked Owen into going but he didn't want to dress up so he was in charge of our mini R2D2.

We had fun walking around looking at all the different vendor's tables most of them artists with really cool artwork for sale. We got to talk to the R2 builder's club, who had built a full size remote control R2D2. They tied our mini R2D2 to their big R2D2 and they roamed around the hallway photo bombing people. We went to a talk on costume design and got some great ideas for making costumes more comfortable. Everyone ended up having to leave the building, do it the big R2D2 catching on fire but once the firemen cleared the building we got to go back in. Then we participated in the costume contest where we got Best Group. It was a fun afternoon and we had fun taking photos.

Kids with the big R2D2 and our mini R2D2

R2D2 taking mini R2D2 for a walk

R2D2s photo bombing people

Kids with the builder of the big R2D2

Outside after the big R2D2 was on fire

Ashley enforcing the speed limit

The costume contest

Owen with the giant snake in the lobby

Snively Hot Springs

On the last Thursday evening of the kids' Spring Break we decided to go to Snively Hot Springs to play in the water. It's been quite a while since we have last been there and people have been busy moving the rocks around.  We got there just as another family was leaving and had the place to ourselves for a while. We watched the sunset and the stars start to come out. Then a couple car loads of kids came playing loud music and we decided it was time to head home.

Unfortunately, Alysha had to work so wasn't able to come with us. She got up early the next morning and went with her cousin Amanda and had a great time just the two of them.

Flying kites

The kids had two weeks off for their Spring Break so Mike took the week off from work while I had school and work. One evening we went out to the new Mallard Park by Lake Lowell to fly kites. The kids and Mike had fun flying the kites while Bella and I walked the paths around the park.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Happy Easter

Easter was early this year and I almost completely forgot about it. So the night before we colored eggs, then on Easter morning the kids got small buckets of candy and then hunted eggs in the back yard. In the afternoon we went to grandma Reva's for a wonderful Easter dinner with super cute bunny cakes. We all went on a walk after dinner to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Kids with their Easter buckets of candy

Ready to hunt for eggs

Grandma Reva and her super cute Easter bunny cakes

Out for a walk

Quick stay in Salem then back to Idaho

We had a nice visit with my grandfather even if it was very short. Aunt Lee took us shopping and the kids found lots of spring clothes and shoes to bring home. It was great to see them but time to get home and back to work and school. On our way home we took the Columbia Gorge Scenic highway and stopped at one of the smaller waterfalls, Latourell Falls close to Multnomah Falls and hiked up the trail a little ways. Then we stopped by the Bonneville fish hatchery to feed the fish. Then it was back on the road for our drive back home to Idaho. We were all ready for be home.

Me and my grandfather Richard

Kids at the Vista House Columbia Gorge view point

Kids at Latourell Falls

Walking the trail

Having fun with the waterfall

Kids at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery

Owen feeding the rainbow trout

Ready to view the sturgeon

Owen and Herman

Owen and Herman

Back to driving and watching the cool spring clouds

Spring Break trip to Salem Oregon

The kids and I jumped in the car and drove through Oregon to Salem to visit my grandfather over Spring Break. We tried to make the trip as fun as possible and had fun taking photos along the way. We stopped by Multnomah Falls in between rain storms for a quick break then made it to grandpa's house by 4pm just barely beating rush hour traffic passed Portland. When we arrived grandpa and aunt Lee had Easter eggs hiding around the house for the kids to find. Then we went to Pietro's Pizza to play games and eat pizza.

It was looking like Spring for our drive through Oregon

Then it was Winter again

Wait, it is Spring, right?

Okay, now it's feeling like Spring

Kids at Burger King where they has a tiny little door.

The rain stopped long enough for us to stop by Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Everything here is so GREEN

Kids not ready to get back in the car

Kids with great grandpa after their egg hunt

Aunt Lee and Alysha