Friday, March 23, 2012

Trying to catch back up.

While I was busy painting we got a little behind on other things so we have been trying to catch back up. Owen has decided that his gecko is a girl after looking through many library books so we are now calling her Lizzy. Owen's hair was getting very bushy so I gave him a hair cut. Ashley has been working hard at Ballet class learning a new dance for the up coming recital. Owen's 1st grade class was asked to sing in Spanish at the school's open house and Ashley received the Student of the Month award for Self-Discipline. Alysha is here also but likes to keep to herself lately so no photos of her this time.  They start spring break tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have lots more photos to share soon. :)

Owen getting his hair cut.

Ashley in Ballet class. She is the one with the blue leg warmers on.

Owen with the other 1st graders ready to sing at the Open House

Owen and Ashley infront of my tree at school

Kids receiving this awards at the school assembly

Ashley with her award for Student of the Month. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Paintings for the school

I finished painting the spring decorations for Heritage Community Charter Schools open house this week. Mike made stands for them and we took them to the school.

Painting #2

Painting #3

Painting #4

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First ride of the year

I'm a little slow posting this on my blog. Last week was my first time this year out riding my motorcycle. I haven't been on it since once in the fall and a few times over the summer so took me a little while to remember what I was doing. It was a beautiful spring like day so we rode out of town to Adrian on the pavement. I really like the pavement! Then Mike took a sandy road up to the top of the hill where the Adrian A is. We then took a trail from there to the Owyhees. I had some trouble on the sand but it was good practice. Overall it was a nice ride and yes I need more practice. :)

Mike trying to fix my bike.

Mike's bike on the ground but only because his kick stand was on soft ground.