Thursday, February 26, 2009

Melanoma Update

Stacy & Zak at Jump Creek (Fall 2008)

Finally after a month of knowing I have Melanoma, we now know what the next step is. I have stage 3 Melanoma, meaning it has moved from a mole to a lymph node. Luckily it is localized and has not spread to other places or organs. I had a PET/CT scan and brain MRI at St. Luke's this morning. Then Dr. Law called me this afternoon to tell me it is localized and the next step is to have it all surgically removed. Then I'll be put on interferon drug therapy for a year. Which doesn't sound like it'll be very fun but could be much worse!!! So now just waiting to find out when my surgery will be. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and support!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's a Pirates Life for Me!!

Little Party Pirates

Argh....Mateys! We got argh computer back so here is argh pirate party photos! Owen's 4th birthday was loads of fun. We spent the morning building a cardboard pirate ship out of washing machine and dryer boxes. Decorated our chocolate pirate ship cakes and got dressed up. Cousins Mason and Delaney came over and we played in the cardboard ship then had a treasure hunt. Followed by a ton of booty (presents) to open and we sang "Happy Birthday" and cut into the chocolate pirate ships. It was a fun day!

Cardboard Pirate ship in our living room.

Owen in his ship

Owen with his "Booty"

Owen's after opening all his "Booty"

Mason and Owen with Birthday pirate ship cakes

Super Owen playing with his new pirate ship.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Computer kicked the bucket!

Sorry, not blogging at the moment! Hoping to get it fixed soon and me too! Headed to the Cancer Care Center for some tests.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentines & Pirates!

Making Valentines & dressing up! We have a busy week a head with Valentines Day school parties, Owen's 4th birthday and my doctor's appointment(s)! Yes, more doctors! My needle biopsy finally came back as Melanoma (skin cancer) so I'm now headed in to see Dr. Henson at the Boise Surgical Group at St. Al's in Boise on Tuesday afternoon. I really don't know any more than that at this point so waiting to see what he says and what the plan is. So since we don't know if or when I'll be headed in for surgery we are trying to get all other things done a head of time. All Valentines Day and birthday stuff done this weekend so it won't get left to the last minute. Plus, it's helping me not think about doctors, needles, how the HELL are we going to pay for this without insurance etc.... So we are focusing on FUN things like pirates, treasures, candy chocolate hearts, and lots of cake!!
Alysha with her Valentines Bag to take her cards to school in.
Ashley with her Valentines Bag to take her cards to school in.
Pirate Owen ready for his pirate party!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grandma Reva's 70th Birthday Party!

SURPRISE!! We managed to pull off Grandma Reva's surprise birthday party. Everything went as planned and we all had a great time. Kristey, Carla, Shelley and Ruby put their heads together a couple weeks ago and started planning the party. Carla put together all the invitations and handled the guest list. Kristey made the arrangement for using the church in Parma. I got together with Kristey and took on making the birthday cakes, picking up decorations, arranging flowers, ordering balloons and cooking a ton of pork roast. Which kept me busy and my mind off doctors appointments, etc... Mike and Kristey managed to sneak into Reva's house and borrow a bunch of her paintings and photos. Kristey had invited Reva to come to church to listen to her and the girls sing at a church dinner, so that is how we got her there. Mike and I told her we would come over on Monday, her birthday with cake and dinner. We also told her we would be busy on Saturday at my niece Delaney's birthday party so we wouldn't be able to go to Kristey's church thing. To hopefully throw her if she thought we were planning a party.

On Saturday we all got together at the church to decorate and set up for the party. Mike and Alysha picked up 70 balloons and transported all my flowers and decorations to the church. Carla made some wonderful potatoes for our buffet. Kristey had ordered rolls and picked up corn and baked beans to go with my pork roasts. We set up all the tables then put on lilac table cloths with paper doilies. Then I decorated them with my flower and plant arrangements. We added balloons and white Christmas lights around the room while Bob and Shelley hung up all of Reva's paintings and photos. Which made the room look like an art gallery. We set up the buffet table and then everyone practiced their songs they were planning on sing.

At 4:30 pm guests started to arrive then at 5:00 pm Reva and Al showed up. When they opened the door we all yelled "SURPRISE!" which Reva looked totally stunned. Carla then crowned her and put her cape on her and lead her to the stage. Where she then started to read memories that people had written for Reva. To add to the surprises we had special guests hiding in the back of the stage and when their memory was read they came out to give her a big hug. We then let everyone eat and visit. Sarah and Alysha entertained us as they danced on the stage, Kristey and Amanda sang a song and afterwards they were joined by Mariah, Bob, Shelley, Mike and Carla for another song. We then sang "Happy Birthday" and had cake and ice cream. My cakes were a hit so I was happy that they turned out. Kristey then turned on the music and we danced the night away. When the last guest had left we cleaned up all the food, decorations and tables. We had Reva open her gifts from all of us to end the evening.

It was a fun party and we're all happy that it turned out so well. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work!!

Mike pushing all the balloons into the van.

Stacy after decorating the tables.

Shelley with sign.

Carla and Kristey waiting for the party to start.

Reva and Al arriving while everyone yelled "SURPRISE!"

Mike reading his memories of his mom.

Carla reading Bob's memories as he walks out to give her a hug.

Everyone singing a song for Reva.

Reva with her birthday cakes (made by Stacy)

Reva opening her presents at the end of the party.