Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 Year of the Doctor!

10 doctor visits so far this January! Well, we started off the year with having to take Alysha to the dermatologist for her rash on her arm which needs to be seen once a month for the next few months. Next was my yearly exam which I showed the doctor my large bump under my arm to see what he thought of it. He sent me to have a mammogram then they sent me to have an ultrasound. They decided that my bump is a swollen lymph node then scheduled me for a needle biopsy so they can figure out the cause of the swelling. I detoured a bit and saw a surgeon to see if we could just skip the needle biopsy and just remove it. Well, guess the surgeon needs the information from the needle biopsy to know what to remove it. So I went in last Friday for the needle biopsy which wasn't as bad as I was expecting. So now I'm just waiting for the lab to call with the results to know what the next step is. Of course I do not have insurance so have racked up $2000 in bills so far. Well, you would think that would be all for this month but no!. Owen's eyes got red and swollen this weekend so took him in to the doctor, yep pink eye. Then Sunday night Alysha was up all night with an ear ache so took her to the doctor on Monday, two ear infections. Then a few hours later Owen started complaining about his ear so took him to the doctor, yep ear infection also. I asked Ashley, when and what are you going to come down with? Luckily the kids have insurance but still with co-pays and medicines still adds up quickly. I'm just hoping the rest of the year isn't going to be like this!! I'll be doing some major cleaning and disinfecting at our house.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ashley's 6th Birthday

How fast time flys by! Ashley turned six years old today. We started off the day opening a couple of small presents. Then we took her shopping at Build-A-Bear at the Boise Town Square, where she picked out two new outfits, a pair of shoes, purse & sunglasses. Then we went to the Disney Store where she found two new PJs, a pair of dress-up shoes and a sleeping beauty doll. We had lunch then headed home. Aunt Molly, Uncle Will and cousins Mason & Delaney came over and we all went swimming at the YMCA. Afterward we came home for dinner and cupcakes then Ashley opened the rest of her presents. Our main gift to her is her doll/bear closet that I designed/painted and her dad built. It just barely got finished before we went swimming. She had a nice birthday and is a bit spoiled but loved more!
Ashley shopping at the mall

Ashley with all her birthday presents

Ashley with her new doll/bear closet

Saturday, January 17, 2009


We decided to head to Brundage. It's been cold and breezy here in Caldwell but it was sunny with blue sky and really warm at Brundage. It was a lot of driving for only two hours of skiing but we had fun and it was better than hanging out at home. After helping all three kids get all their ski clothing and equipment on we headed to the bunny hill. I managed to get Ashley & Owen on and off the chairlift without any problems. Alysha skied with Ashley down the hill while I helped Owen. They all did great and I finally started letting Owen ski down half the hill by his self. Which is much easier on me and he loved it. We'll try the whole hill next time but he just scares me cause I can tell he is going to bomb straight down the hill without turning or trying to slow down. Maybe a flashing light and siren should be put on his helmet to warn everyone in the area! We ended up heading home early so I didn't have to drive in the dark. Next time we'll stay longer.

Stacy helping Ashley & Owen off the chairlift.

Alysha at Brundage

Stacy helping Owen ski

Ashley sking on the bunny hill

Owen sking on his own.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Byes!!

We said our good byes to Weideman girls this evening! Aunt Ruby and cousins Alyse, Lexi, Alaina & Layla are all headed back to South Dakota tomorrow. We will all miss them and grandma's house will seem so strange and very quiet without these spunky girls. We have enjoyed their stay over the last six months and have lots of fun memories and photos to remind us of them. Our family reunion, going to Roaring Springs, dance classes together, birthday party after birthday party, swimming lessons, celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years are all just a few. We are sad to see them go but we know that they will be so happy to get their daddy/husband back from overseas. They have a long journey ahead of them but we all know that they'll do well as long as they can be together. We wish them luck in all the wonderful things they do and can't wait for them ALL to come visit again.

Here are a few photos of the kids saying good bye!!

Lexi, Ashley & Owen

Alyse, Owen, Grandma Reva & Alaina

Alysha & Layla

Monday, January 12, 2009

January Birthdays!!

Happy New Year!! We started off the year with a month full of birthdays! First we celebrated our niece Alaina's 3rd birthday. She had a fun cowgirl party with a treasure hunt in hay and a cute horse birthday cake. My sister's birthday is next on the calendar. I made her a birthday cake, picked up pizza & wine then delivered it to her. She seemed really surprised. Our daughter Ashley's birthday is the 18th of the month, niece Mariah's is the 17th and niece Amanda's is the 20th. This year we decided to celebrate all three birthdays early so that Aunt Ruby and Cousins Alyse, Lexi, Alaina & Layla all could attend before they returned to South Dakota. We all went rollerskating at the Rollerdrome. Which was a lot of fun even though most of the little people had a hard time keeping their feet under them. Afterwards we all went to Grandma Reva's house for dinner then had birthday cake. We still are planning on celebrating on Ashley's birthday here at home this coming weekend with a few presents & cupcakes. My brother Cory's birthday is also in January so that ends the month with a total of six birthdays.

Next month is Grandma Reva's 70th birthday, niece Delaney's 1st birthday, our Owen's 4th birthday and Grandpa Al's birthday. That is just the start of the year, we celebrate at least 28 birthdays throughout the entire year and I'm probably missing someone. That is A LOT of BIRTHDAYS!!