Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Round two

Sith Ashley and Owen at breakfast

The next morning we had a big yummy breakfast then slowly got dressed and played some more. In the afternoon we left Tree and Lily to take a nap and took Talynn to play at the park. We had fun at the playground, picked wild flowers and went on a short hike. Then we headed back to the condo to make dinner and watch movies. Everyone had another nice relaxing day. The next morning we took a few photos before packing up and heading home. It was a wonderful visit with the kids and babies and we can't wait to go back and see them again.

Tree changing the girls

Steven, Tree and Lily

View of the dam and our condo from the park

Talynn at the park

Cool girls

Owen with his matching dandylion

Blowing the dandylion
Picking wild flowers

Steven, Tree, Talynn and Lily

Mike with his kids and grand babies

Playing with grand babies

The first full day at the condo we just hung out and playing with the kids. We took turns holding Lily while Ashley and Owen played with Talynn. We watched movies, visited, and enjoyed the view. The kids colored, made a fort, jumped on the beds and read books. Alysha and Ashley made us all dinner with Talynn's help. It was a nice relaxing day.

Grandpa and Lily

Grandma and Lily

Aunt Alysha and Lily

Tree, Lily, Ashley and Alysha

Ashley and Owen coloring with Talynn

Grandpa playing with Lily

Kids messing up the bed

Alysha putting Lily to sleep

Monkeys on the bed


Alysha has Lily again


Owen trying to get Talynn to take a nap

hanging out

Talynn filling up on olives and veggies

Girls playing with Lily

Uncle Owen holding Lily

Aunt Ashley holding Lily

Girls making dinner

Talynn helping make dinner

Girls with Talynn's gourmet plate

Steven and Mike outside

Steven, Tree and Mike on the patio

Watching the sunset

Alysha multi-tasking again

Awesome Condo in Post Falls

At the end of our long fun day at Sliverwood we drove to Post Falls to check into the condo we rented for the next three nights. Mike found this amazing condo on www.airbnb.com and we couldn't believe the price. All the hotels I priced out where at least $250 a night for summer rates but this condo was only $118 a night. It was located on the Spokane River had three bedrooms, two baths, full kitchen and living room, washer & dryer and was perfect for having Steven and family come stay with us. We had fun taking photos of this amazing place.

Owen in the livingroom

Alysha in the kitchen

Mike at the breakfast bar

Ashley in the bedroom with the french doors

Enjoying the view

Ashley in the red, white and blue bedroom

Alysha and Ashley in the master bedroom

View of the kitchen from the livingroom

Master bathroom

Little hallway


Brand new washer and dryer

Hall way to front door

Hall way looking to back door

Outside on the patio

Back patio