Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Merry Christmas everyone. Owen and Ashley got up extra early so I had to send them back to bed a few times. Finally at 7am I let them wake Mike and Alysha up. We opened our stocking then made a big breakfast before opening all the presents. Then we all took turns opening from youngest to oldest. We had Jurassic World/Park on one side of the room and Star Wars on the other. Alysha got a new art supplies, clothes and gift cards. Then we cleaned up the house, the kids played with new toys while I got the prime rib in the oven, started making rolls, got the salad and veggies ready for dinner. My sister Molly and family came over and we opened a couple more gifts. Uncle Cody made the kids all marshmallow shooter kits so they all had fun shooting marshmallows at each other. Then the kids exchanged new board games. We had a yummy dinner then desserts. It was a fun and busy Christmas.

Owen with his Jurassic World & Park collection

Ashley with her Star Wars collection

Alysha with her art supplies, sweatshirts, gift cards and $$

Mike with his new toys

Owen's new best friend

Ashley building her Star Wars lego sets

Well, that didn't take her very long

Opening presents from Uncle Cody and Aunt Marisa

Let the Marshmallow Wars begin...

Time to build Marshmallow shooters

Run Will, Run!!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we all went over to grandma Reva's for dinner, singing, stories, games, white elephant gift exchange and homemade presents. It was a small group this year with out Ruby, Shelley, Bob and their families. After all the fun we headed home to open new pajamas and got ready for bed.

The Grinch carving the ham

White elephant game

Ashley got the Pickle ornament

Presents from Grandma Reva

Owen's new fish pillow

Carla and Cliff

Grandma Reva and Al

Owen, Ashley, Alysha, Mariah, Amanda and Grandma

Owen, Stacy and Mike's Christmas shirts

New pajamas

Bella and Zak in their new pajamas helping the Grinch Elf and Max with the presents

Monday, December 28, 2015

My Elf on the shelf

Don't be that Elf at the holiday party

My kids are a bit to big but I wanted an Elf on the Shelf anyways. The kids think he is creepy and I had a lot of fun thinking of mischief for him to get into a night. Here are some of the things he got into at night.

Creepy elf watching Barbie sleeping

Elf in stocking

I'm watching you, elf

Hangingon Tiger from the ceiling elf

Up all night elf

Darth Vader popcorn and candy canes

Light Saber fight with Yoda

Playing Old Maid with Yoda and R2D2

Feeding the dinosaurs

Snow globals

Hanging out with Santa

Drinking syrup

TPing the tree

Drawing mustaches on the kids photos

Grinch Elf and Max stealing all the presents on Christmas Eve

Star Wars movie and delivering presents

We finally found a time when we were all home at the same time and we headed to Edwards Theater to watch the new Star Wars movie which was our Christmas gift from Grandpa Rick. We all really enjoyed the movie even if it wasn't exactly how some of us thought the movie plot should go.

The morning of Christmas Eve we finished making more bouquets of flowers while we made food for that evening and the kids delivered grape jelly with little presents to the neighbors while we finally got some snow.

delivering presents in the snow

playing in the new snow

Gingerbread houses

On Christmas Eve Eve we went to my sister's house and the kids all made gingerbread houses and ate way to much candy or at least I did. It was a fun afternoon of decorating then the kids played the rest of the afternoon while Alysha and I headed home so Alysha could get to work.