Sunday, June 26, 2016

Father's Day & Meeting little miss Lily

On Father's Day we loaded up the suburban and headed to Coeur d'Alene to visit Steven and his little family. The drive was so much nicer in the suburban than in my little vibe. Everyone had plenty of space. Once we got there we checked into a hotel and unpacked. The kids quickly found the long decorative pillows and had a pillow fight.

Steven was at work so we headed over to their apartment to see Tree, Talynn and meet their new baby Lily. We were instantly in love with Lily and Talynn was super excited to have visitors. We took turns holding Lily and playing with Talynn. We only stayed for a short time then headed to Tomato Street for dinner. Once we got back to the hotel Mike went to pick up Steven from work so we could visit with him for a little while. Then I took the kids to the pool before bed.

So much room you can't even see the kids

Hotel pillow fight

Meeting miss Lily

Owen and Talynn

Playing ring around the rosie

Pretty little Lily

Mike and Lily

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