Thursday, July 23, 2015

Back at Grandma Reva's house

While we were all at Eagle Island Audrey had a great day with Grandma Reva all to herself. We all headed back there after playing at Eagle Island and had yummy taco salad. Aunt Kristey and uncle Mike showed the kids a game they use to play when they were little called "Cow & Pig". Then uncle Mike and the kids built a fire in the back yard. Grandma Reva made homemade marshmallows then added chocolate and gram crackers turning them into s'mores.

Mike telling the kids about the game he and Kristey made up, "Cow & Pig".

Mike and Kristey playing Cow and Pig

Audrey, Layla, Owen and Alaina helping Mike twist up newspaper for a fire.

Lexi, Still having fun...

Audrey, Landon and Layla collecting sticks

Owen and Lexi with more sticks

Owen and Layla adding more sticks to the pile

Kids watching uncle Mike light the fire

Watching the fire

Everyone watching the fire..

Backyard family photo...

Grandma Reva's homemade marshmallows made into s'mores..

Fun with cousins

Ruby and kids stopped by to play in the pool. My camera battery was almost dead so I only got one good photo. I made sure to charge it for the next day of playing at Eagle Island and took a lot of photos to make up for it.

The kids all had a great time at Eagle Island even though it was cloudy and only in the 70's. I had goose bumps without going in the water and wished I would have taken a sweatshirt. The kids played in the sand, had a picnic lunch and played for hours in the water. When they finally got out they were freezing cold.

Alaina, Landon and Layla ready for lunch

Picnic at Eagle Island

Landon in the sand


Owen and Landon

Ashley, Lexi, Layla and Alaina in the water

Aunt Kristey swimming with the kids

Cute little bug we found

Playing in the sand

girls in the sand

Walrus Layla

It's cold after playing in the water

Aunt Kristey and Aunt Ruby watching the kids

Ruby caught a cute little duck

Landon watching an airplane in the sky

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shooting practice

Mike's new gun for Father's day, our anniversary, his birthday, Christmas etc.. finally arrived so we went out to the shooting range to try it out.  I wasn't sure I wanted to shoot it but it wasn't as scary as I was expecting. I still think I like the 22 the best. Mike seemed very happy with it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cody and Marisa's engagement BBQ

Mike, Marisa, Cody and Eric

Last Saturday my family all got together for a BBQ and surprise engagement party for my little brother Cody and his fiance Marisa. They just moved here a month or so ago and this was our first get together with everyone. The kids had fun playing in the pool, hot tub, slip n' slide and playing bad-mitten. The big kids played quite a few games of bad-mitten also. Uncle Cody rescued baby squirrels that fell out of the tree. We BBQ hamburgers and had cake. It was a nice afternoon.

Mason and Ashley

Cody, Delaney and Marisa playing bad-mitten

Hackiesack time

Marisa and Owen

Molly and Cody

Owen and Mason having a noodle fight

Owen and Mason

Delaney and Ashley in the hot tub

Goofy girls

More pool time

Eric and Cody vs Marisa and Molly

Mom, Mike and Dad

Kids in the hot tub

Cody with a baby squirrel

Cody putting the baby squirrels back in the tree

Kids watching the squirrel rescue

Mike and Will vs Cody and Marisa

Mason and Delaney interrupting the game

Mike don't freak out, but there is a bug on your glass

Owen and Mason vs Delaney and Ashley

Ashley chill'n

Uncle Cody showing the kids up on the slip n' slide

Cody and Marisa ready to cut their cake