Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Christmas morning Owen found that Santa had answered the questions on his letter that he left for him. He was very secretive about it. The kids opened their stocking, then one by one opened the presents under our little tree. Once all the presents were opened we gave the kids a card with a note that told them there was one more present but they had to solve the riddles to find it. There were ten cards hidden inside and outside that they had to find and solve that lead them to the back of the van. There they found two extra large presents from grandpa Rick that was a new trampoline for the backyard. Everyone was cold so the boxes stayed in the van so we could go in and make breakfast. We are all very spoiled and had a wonderful Christmas. 

In the evening we went to my sister's house for Christmas dinner and we exchanged new games. Then they talked us into playing one of their new games "Ticket to Ride" which was fun.

Kids freezing outside while they find the last riddle to their last present

Kids about to open their trampoline boxes from grandpa Rick

Owen, Alysha, Mason, Delaney and Ashley

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at grandma Reva's house. We ate lots of yummy food, sang carols, listened to stories, had our annual white elephant surprise gift game and exchanged homemade gifts. It was a fun evening even though it was just a small group of us this year.

Amanda and Alysha

Ashley doing Mike's hair while listening to stories

Alysha and Ashley under the tree

Alysha, Ashley and Owen under the tree

Grandma Reva, Ashley, Mariah, Amanda and Alysha by the tree

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Village

Two nights before Christmas we met grandma Reva, aunt Kristey, and cousins Amanda, Mariah, Jasson and Tyler at the Village in Meridian. We enjoyed all the pretty lights and watched the light show in the water fountains. Then we peeked in Santa's gingerbread house and watched people ice skate. We warmed up by the fireplaces then went inside a small glass building to grab a few yummy snacks. It was a fun evening.

Amanda and Alysha by the fountains

Grandma Reva by the fountains

Ashley and I watching the light show in the fountains

Ashley and Owen by Santa's gingerbread house

Last minute things to do....

I caught the Grinch wrapping presents in the garage. Alysha received her first paycheck. We made a few gifts for family, like Santa (Wine) and Six Reinbeers from my sister and brother-in-law, a hand painted grandchildren sign for my parents, grape jelly and sugar scrub (no photos) for friends and family. It was been really nice to be on Christmas break and not having to rush out the door every morning. I am trying to relax and enjoy this time but also need to get everything in order before Spring semester starts on Jan. 12.

Alysha with her first pay check
My Candy Cane Mocha with tiny gingerbread houses

Santa and Six Reinbeers for my sister and brother-in-law

Hand painted sign I made for my parents.

Mike's Chupacabra cookie he left on Santa's plate.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Getting ready for the holidays

Somehow the kids agreed to get this tiny little tree this year. I love it.. I still have not taking a photo of it decorated but it is super cute and we didn't have to rearrange furniture to set it up. The last couple weeks have been super busy with finals so we haven't done much but here are a few photos of us decorating cookies with cousin Tyler and making tiny gingerbread houses. We are all looking forward to the holiday break.

Ashley helping make cookies

Decorating cookies with cousin Tyler
more decorating.....
Playing with the dry ice that came with our Christmas present from Aunt Lee

Decorating tiny gingerbread houses

Owen with his gingerbread house

Ashley with her gingerbread house

Alysha with her gingerbread house

Mike left a Chupacabra cookies for Santa under the tree

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Caldwell Night Light Parade

Ashley as Cindy Lou Who

Ashley really wanted to be on the school float in the Night Light Parade. She stayed after school two days in a row to help decorate the float so she could participate. I wasn't sure how we were going to get her there since she would be with her grandma Reva all day because Mike, Alysha and I all had to work. Luckily Mike was able to get off work a little early so he could pick her up and get her to the float. We lucked out with warm weather and it stopped raining long enough for the parade so no one got wet. The float turned out great and all the kids had a wonderful time. We stayed to help take the float down at the end.

Ashley and her friend Elisabeth on the float

The girls handing out candy. Their float in the back ground.

Heritage Community Charter School's Who-Ville float

Alysha's first job

I applied to be a demonstrator with an event company and when they hired me I asked if they hire teenagers. Alysha just turned seventeen so they said they would also hire her. Our first event was a Taste of Entertaining event at one of the Boise Walmarts. I was assigned to the deli area with a cart handing out samples of a spinach ranch artichoke dip and a cranberry pecan cheeseball. Alysha was assigned to demonstrate different toys in the toy's department. She played with the toys and tried to get kids to come play too. I took a quick photo before our break, of course it was blurry. Then didn't get a chance to take another one. She did a great job. :)

Indian Creek Christmas Lights

Before Mike's sister Ruby and her family headed back home we all went to see the Christmas light display downtown Caldwell. All up and down Indian Creek is decorated with lights which makes for a very pretty evening walk. Here are a few photos.

Alysha, Owen, Layla and Landon by the sea monster in the creek

Alysha with some of the lights

Ashley with more lights

Owen at Indian Creek