Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day BBQ

Mike wanted to have a BBQ so he invited his family over on Memorial Day for hamburgers and hotdogs. He did a great job getting the yard looking good. We all had a great time even with the sprinkling of rain. The kids didn't seem to mind, they still ran around outside. Our huge apple tree makes a great umbrella.

Kids under the apple tree.

Landon and Grandma Reva

Girls in the tree

Grandma Reva and Audrey

Kids playing in the rain

Mariah and Amanda

Alysha and Audrey

Nephew James's Graduation

James graduated from Parma High School this weekend. It was a nice graduation in the new gym followed by a party in the elementary. James plans to be a music teacher and we all wish him luck.

James with some of his cousins

Kids under the Parma Panther

Family visiting at the party

Alysha and Audrey

Landon taking the wheel off the stroller

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Delaney's Recital and Bowling

This weekend was Delaney's 1st ballet recital and she did awesome. Then next day we all went bowling at BSU's student union building. The kids all did great bowling and had a lot of fun.

Ashley, Mason and Owen bowling

Delaney and Alysha picking out bowling balls

Delaney, Alysha, Ashley, Owen and Mason at BSU Game Center

Ashley's 4th grade field trip to the Idaho History Museum

This last week Ashley's 4th grade class all went to Boise to the Idaho History Museum. They have been studying Idaho's history so they had fun seeing the exhibits that went along with their lesson. I was one of the parent chaperones and helped the kids answer the questions on their scavenger hunt. They all had a fun time.

Ashley looking at all the different types of arrowheads.

Ashley with her group looking at a case of old fashion toys.

Ashley's group in the Idaho wild life exhibit

The girls in the canoe

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shimmy Mob

I signed up for Boise's first Shimmy Mob on World Belly Dance day.  You have heard of Flash Mobs well Shimmy Mob is all belly dancers coming together to raise money for Women and Children's centers in our communities. Groups all over the world performed the same choreography and had the same shirts.  We learned the dance from watching an online video then came together to practice as a group. Then we performed at Expo Idaho at the Dennis Dillon car, truck, boat and RV sale with BOB FM and Wild 101 playing our music. It was a lot of fun dancing with all the different belly dancers from all over the valley. I hope to do it again next year.

Before the Shimmy Mob we went to Mike's motorcycle club picnic at the park and then looked at a few of the RV's for sale.

Mike and kids at the Idaho Adventure Rider Annual Picnic

Ashley and Owen trying to find some shade at Expo Idaho

Owen and Ashley found a cool spot to hang out under an RV.

Shimmy Mob dancing at Expo Idaho during the Dennis Dillon car, truck, boat & RV sale.

Shimmy Mob dancing at Expo Idaho during the Dennis Dillon car, truck, boat & RV sale.

Stacy shaking her hip scarf Aunt Lee got her for Christmas

Friday, May 10, 2013

It must be spring.

Yes, flowers are blooming and everything is looking nice and green but also the baby birds are falling from the trees. We have found at least 5 dead baby birds under trees in the yard. The kids did find one that was alive but looked like Egor from Frankenstein. Owen has been it's new mom protecting it and feeding it meal worms. Yes, we have meal worms to feed to his geckos.

Owen and baby bird

Baby bird's close up

Showing the neighbor kids the baby bird

Monday, May 6, 2013

Craters of the Moon

On our way home from Pocatello we took the scenic route and stopped by Craters of the Moon for a few hours of exploring. We stopped in the visitor's center to watch a short movie about lava and the different things it creates. Then we drove around the loop to a few different short hiking trails to see different sections of the park. The kids were really interested the whole time. Then we continued on our way home.

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Ashley in the Devil's Orchard with a wicked tree

Owen in the Devil's Orchard with a wicked tree

Grandma Reva in the Ms. Idaho Senior Pageant

This weekend we drove to Pocatello, Idaho to watch grandma Reva compete in the Ms. Idaho Senior Pageant. She was awesome through out the whole pageant and looked like she was having a fun time too. Most of her children and a big chunk of her grandchildren were there to cheer her on. We all went out to dinner at the Golden Coral afterwards and had a nice visit. Here are a few photos.

Reva reciting "This old house" on stage

Reva on stage

Family cheering section

Reva with the announcer

Audrey and cousin Alysha

Cousins - Lexi, Ashley and Alyse

Alysha and Layla

Owen with Landon, Uncle Scott & Uncle Bob