Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stacy's graduation

My graduation day finally arrived so I got all dressed up took a few photos then we headed to the BSU Taco Bell Arena for the College of Western Idaho's Commencement Ceremony. It was a really nice ceremony, they did a great job keeping it fun and lively. The big room where all of us graduates waited was filled with photo booths and props, a table to decorate our caps, music, and more. I met up with a handful of my classmates and we took a few group photos. We were able to send them out on Instagram with #CWIgraduation and our photos were shown on the big screens playing in the room and out in the auditorium. They did a nice job of keeping the ceremony itself short and sweet with extra large screens showing video of the speakers, graduates and audience.  We all quickly walked up on stage to receive our diplomas then at the end confetti fell from the ceiling. I met up with Mike and the kids, Molly and family and my brother Cody outside where they gave me flowers and lots of hugs. Thank you to everyone for all the lovely cards.

Nikki, Jake, Jacobi and David at the decorating table

Nikki and I with our professior Jenny

Jake, Ben, David, Jacobi with our professor Jenny and advisor Connor

Jacobi, Jake, David, Nikki, me and Ben ready to walk out to the auditorium

Nikki on stage getting her dipolma

My view right before it was my turn on stage
Family photo afterwards. :)

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