Friday, April 10, 2015


This year we had a quiet Easter at home. The kids decorated eggs on Friday evening before Easter. Saturday I worked and then we went to grandma Reva's house to celebrate Aunt Carl's birthday. Easter Sunday the kids got up and we made Easter pancakes and hunted eggs. It in afternoon we made homemade rolls while the ham, scalloped potatoes and stuffing were cooking. It was a nice day even if the weather was rainy.

Aunt Carla with her birthday cheesecake

Easter pancakes

Ready to hunt eggs

Sorting eggs

Rolls that were suppose to look like bunnies

Friday, April 3, 2015

April FOOL's Day

Mike planned an April Fool's Day ride with his motorcycle club for April 1st. He spent a few days working on his helmet for the ride. I did quite a few fun pranks on the kids last April Fool's day but I just didn't quite have time this year. I did put food coloring in the milk so it was blue.

While Mike was at work and I was at school the kids had a great time setting up pranks around the house. I came home to find a contact on the door, stating that once I came in the house I could not hold the kids responsible for anything that happened. (Smart!) A toy spider smacked me in the face as soon as I opened the front door. The kids were watching a movie and Alysha was working on homework. I put all my stuff away and went to find something for lunch. I saw a couple of oreos on the counter and figured they did something to them or someone would have eaten them already. I went into the laundry room to get mac'n cheese and saw that the dog's needed new water. So I took the large bowl to the sink to fill it up and turned the water on full blast. I was completely drenched in water before I knew what happened. I'm not sure why I didn't think to check the faucet first. The kids all got a big laugh out of it as I realized that the stove and counter behind me was also completely soaked. As the kids were laughing they told me that Mike had stopped by earlier and had eaten one of the oreos (with toothpaste in them) and had been soaked when he went to get a drink of water to wash his mouth out.

As the day went on I noticed all the goggly eyes and mustaches on all the family photos around the house, baby wipes in the tissue box, things that were upside down and more. I then decided to glue eyes on everything in the refrigerator which was more cute then a prank. It was a fun day. :)

Backwards calendar

I always feel like somebody is watching me....

Extended Spring Break...

Well, these two are still on Spring Break while the rest of us are back to work and school. I am not sure why their school decided to have a two week long Spring Break but it took a little extra juggling this week plus letting them stay home by themselves more than I like to. They have been enjoying hanging out in their pjs, playing in the back yard in the tree house and on the trampoline, watching movies and being creative.

Ashley putting a metal laser cut model of R2D2 together

Ashley with her R2D2

R2D2 close up

Owen with his solar robot

Ashley's been making origami bunnies

Spring Break in Coeur d'Alene

For spring break we decided to head to Coeur d'Alene for a couple of days to visit Steven and his little family. Unfortunately we have not seen them since Talynn was 2 weeks old. With all our crazy overlapping schedules and lack of money we are not able to go visit as much as we would like to. My sister-in-law Kristey and her two girls were also headed to Coeur d'Alene to see her son Richard and new fiance so Alysha rode with them the day before we left. We all stayed at the La Qunita, which is my favorite hotel in Coeur d'Alene so far. We have stayed there a couple of times now. It is very nice, has an indoor pool the kids LOVE, free hot breakfasts in the mornings and HBO. We upgraded our room this time to a family suite so the kids would have bunk beds, an extra tv and more space which worked out great since it was pouring rain the whole time we were there.

We went over to Tree's apartment to hang out and let Talynn get use to us. She is such a sweetie and warmed up to all of us very quickly. She really took to Owen, we think it's because he looks like a mini Steven. While Talynn took a nap we went down to the lake with Kristey and family. We took a few photos but the wind was very cold so we didn't make it very long. Then we met up with Steven, Tree, Talynn and Kristey's son Richard for dinner. Steven had to go to work but Tree let us take Talynn in the swimming pool for a little while and hung out with us.

The next day Kristey and family headed to Seattle and the rest of us went downtown to check out the shops. After lunch Alysha, Ashley, Owen and I babysat Talynn while Mike took Steven and Tree to the shooting range. We had a blast playing with Talynn in the hotel room, took her swimming, watched Elmo and got her to take a nap. Once everyone was back at the hotel we all went to the Golden Corral for dinner and celebrated Tree and Steven's upcoming birthdays. We had a great time with them and were sad to have to go home.

Owen meeting Talynn

Grandpa Mike letting Talynn play with his phone

Talynn with my phone

Talynn playing with Owen

Talynn and Alysha

Talynn and Ashley

What a cutie

Love'n Uncle Owen

Playing with Aunt Ashley's hair

Playing dress up with Grandpa Mike

family photo by the lake

group photo with Kristey, Mariah and Amanda

Aunt Kristey, cousin Amanda, and cousin Mariah

Big girls table

Tree and Talynn opening Talynn's presents from us


Playing at the toy store

Watching cartoons with Aunt Ashley

Naptime with Aunt Alysha

Steven, Tree and Talynn

Kids at the park

Alysha outside of Spokane

Owen downtown Coeur d'Alene