Sunday, June 26, 2016

Silverwood/First Day of Summer

The next morning we drove to Silverwood. Steven and Tree didn't want to go so we planned to meet with them the next day. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast riding all the fun rides, getting lunch, going on more rides and then getting ice cream. It wasn't a very busy day so we didn't have to stand in the lines very long. We all went on both wooden coasters Tremors and Timber Terror which were extremely fast and bumpy. Once was plenty enough for me so I mainly took photos of Mike and the kids on the other rides. Mike and Alysha went on everything, Ashley and Owen were a bit more choosy.  Even though it was a light crowd day we still did not go on everything on the dry side of the park. There is a whole other side that is a water park much like our Roaring Springs in Boise. At the end of the day we quickly walked through the little kid area which is full of super cute rides for toddlers to early grade schoolers.  It was a fun day, next time we will have to plan at least two days so we can do more of it.


Mike and Alysha are in the front


Just a little wet

Most insane ride of the park - After Shock - Mike and Alysha are in the front hanging face first at the ground

Owen won a little dinosaur

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