Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunset at Lake Lowell

Tuesday evening was the full moon so we went to Lake Lowell to watch the sunset and the moon rise. It made for some good photos.

Mike and Owen fishing

Ashley and her friend duck

Alysha at Lake Lowell

Stacy and Alysha from Alysha's app on her phone

Stacy, Ashley and Alysha from Alysha's app on her phone

Alysha, Ashley and the duck

Ashley, the duck and the moon

Pretty sunset

Mike and Owen fishing in the moon light.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Water fun on the way home.

On our drive home we decided to stop and jump off a dock to cool off. It felt so good after camping to wash off a little bit and cool down from the hot drive. We ended up with some fun photos too.

Aunt Shelley and Mariah

Alysha and Sarah


Owen and Amanda

Sarah, Amanda and Alysha

Mike and Aunt Shelley

Mike and Owen

Sarah vs Alysha

Swamp Thing??

Amanda, Sarah, Mariah and Alysha

Amanda and Alysha pushing Sarah in

Richard and James looking to dry

Ashley and Aunt Kristey

Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Reunion at Antelope Campground

Those of us that could, got together at Antelope Camp Ground on the Sage Hen Reservoir for our annual family reunion. Above is a photo of some of the cousins, 14 out of 22. Most of the grown up cousins weren't able to make it this year. We all made it to camp on Friday. Kristey being the last to show up since Amanda started school already. She lucked out and saved her flat tire until she arrived which gave Mike and Richard something to do. The kids all had fun by the reservoir playing in the mud, water and catching frogs. We enjoyed yummy camp food and did some fun crafts. Aunt Carla's knotting and beading table was a big hit with everyone. Some of us went on a long hike around the reservoir while others fished or played in the raft and kayak in the water.  In the evening the kids all put on a show for us to enjoy. Then we had a fire to roast marshmallows and Twinkies. It was a fun weekend and we ended with a family group photo.

Shelley and Mike in Sweet, Idaho
Owen and Ashley
Sarah, Alysha and Ashley in Sweet, Idaho

Stacy putting signs up

Alysha and Landon at the camp site

Mike and Ruby

Alaina, Ashley, Layla and Owen

Alaina and Owen in the mud

Layla, Lexi, Sarah and Alysha in the water

Owen and a frog


Ashley babysitting the frogs

Layla and Lexi in the mud

Alysha and Sarah

Mike and Layla

Aunt Shelley making dinner

Sarah and Alysha

Ashley moving in


Uncle Cliff helping with dinner

Aunt Carla cooking dinner

Mike carrying firewood

Owen and his pine cone people


Uncle Cliff and Aunt Carla setting up a tent

Alysha and Audrey

Aunt Kristey and the flat tire

Alysha and Sarah in the mud

Amanda in the mud

Alysha, Sarah and Amanda

James and Alaina

Lexi and Alyse by the fire

camp fire

Camp fire

Landon walking Shadow

Craft time

Decorating canvas bags

Mariah making a bracelet

Breakfast time

Uncle Cliff and James

The girls watching Mike blow up the raft

Owen and Mike

Amanda, Sarah and Alysha in the raft

Grandma Reva watching Audrey

Stacy in the kayak


Painting rocks

Alysha, Audrey and Amanda


James and Richard

Alysha, Audrey and Owen

Family group photo