Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring happenings

Alysha at school

Alysha started online High School with Richard McKenna Charter School. She gets to stay home and do her school work in her pajamas. Not only has she been having trouble with migraines but she has been having an allergic reaction to some unknown thing that is causing her eye lids to swell up. :(

Mike has been busy trimming our huge apple tree in the backyard. Which has been a big project....

Ashley got on the honor roll and got to go to an Honor Roll Party at school. Then she worked on her science fair project with her friend Elisabeth and showed it at the school's science fair.

It has been a super busy month with school, work and projects. We have been counting down until Spring break and it is finally here. YAY!!!

Mike trimming the apple tree

Mike burying himself in branches

Ashley with her honor roll award

Ashley and Elisabeth putting their display together

Elisabeth and Ashley at the school science fair

Owen's Blue & Gold Banquet

Owen with all his badges and awards from the Bear's Den

We all went to Owen's cub scout Blue and Gold Banquet where he received his Webelos bandana and ribbons along with his bear's badge, an engineering pin, three red beads, one gold arrow and four silver arrows. He made out like a bandit... We also made rainbow cupcakes to share with everyone and made primary and secondary colored cake batter to fulfill one of his art requirements. He has been growing triops as one of his naturalist requirements.

Making rainbow cupcakes

Inside of cupcakes

Owen received the Most Colorful Cake Award
Owen receiving his Webelos bandana

Family at Owen's table

Owen with his triops

Feeling like Spring

March has been so warm and sunny that it feels like spring is here. Mike and I went for a couple of motorcycle rides. My first ride of the year we went out by Lake Lowell over to Marsing, by Given's Hot Springs and stopped at Celebration Park. Then we headed home and went by Map Rock and a quick stop at the shooting range. Then we went to the new park out by Lake Lowell for a picnic dinner with the kids as the sun was setting.

My second ride was out to Pickle Butte to see if I remember how to ride in the dirt and sand. I need more practice and was feeling very rusty but it was a nice little trip anyways.

Celebration Park

Celebration Park

Map Rock

Map Rock

Shooting Range

New park over looking Lake Lowell

Pickle Butte

Mike showing off