Monday, February 17, 2014


Yesterday, Owen invited his friends from around the neighborhood over for a bug bash. They colored bug masks and made bug catchers. Had bug juice (apple juice), caterpillars (green grapes), stick bugs (pretzel sticks), worm cups (popcorn with candy worms), fly paper (fruit roll-ups), ants on a log (celery, sun-butter & craisins), lady bugs (cheese, crackers & pepperoni) and snails (cheese, turkey wraps with pickles). Then played Buzz, Buzz, String (like duck, duck, goose) to win antennas, make a cocoon (with toilet paper), don't let the bed bug bite, a bug walk, a bug race and pin the antenna on the ant. Followed by cake, ice cream and presents. It was a fun filled afternoon. Here are some photos.

Kids colored bug masks

Chelsie and Ashley

Cocoon Delaney

Mason and Owen

Valentine's Day/Owen's Birthday

Owen was super happy that they didn't have school on his birthday. We made him heart shaped confetti pancakes then they played Minecaft on the xbox most of the morning while I went grocery shopping. Once Mike got off work we went to dinner then to see the new Lego Movie.

Saturday, we spent the day making origami insects, pipe cleaner bugs and decorated his bug cake to get ready for his party on Sunday.

Bug Picnic

Pin the antenna on the ant

Live Bugs


We finally got enough snow to make a few snowmen, of course they only lasted part of the day before two of them melted and fell over. The middle one slowly melted until it was just a small snow ball with a scarf and sticks, rocks and a carrot on the ground. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the snow though.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Delaney's Birthday

This weekend was also my niece Delaney's 6th birthday. We all met up at Idaho Ice World in Boise for an afternoon of ice skating. It was very quiet there since the super bowl was going on at the same time. We all had a lot of fun.

Grandpa Jack, grandma Francee, Will, Mike, Alysha, Ashley, Mason, Owen and Delaney

Will, Delaney and Molly skating

Owen skating

Ashley and Mike skating

Alysha skating

Grandma Francee, Alysha, Grandpa Jack and Molly

Mason pushing Owen around on the ice

Mason pushing Delaney, with family in the background

Mike about to push Owen

Delaney with grandma and grandpa

Grandma Reva's 75th Birthday

On Saturday my sister-in-laws Ruby and Kristey went over to their mom's house to do some early spring cleaning. They got out the ladder and dusted all the nicknacks on the plant shelves around the living room ceiling, cleaned windows, organized book cases and filled a few boxes with things to donate to the used store. Carla and I arrived towards the end to help put things back together then we had yummy potato soup, rolls and broccoli salad followed by presents, cake and ice cream.

While all the cleaning was being done earlier in the afternoon Alysha and Amanda were babysitting Ruby's smaller children at our house.

How Alysha babysits
How Amanda babysits

Close up of the cake I made her