Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Spring Break Fun

We kept busy over spring break with lots of fun activities. First we went to Council to see my parents and went skiing at Brundage. Followed by a day of playing outside with the mules and turkey feather hunting. Then we went to Mike's mom's to visit family and went to the Owyhee Dam for a picnic. We are finishing up the break with more visiting, making beaded butterflies and playing board games. It was a nice spring break and the girls are not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow.

Ashley skiing with Grandma Francee

Owen skiing with Grandpa Jack at Brundage

Alysha skiing at Brundage

Alysha riding Jackson with Grandma Francee

Ashley in Council

Owen turkey feather hunting

Ashley, cousin Mason & Owen in Council

Cousin Amanda, Sarah, Alysha & Ashley at the Owyhee Dam

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

We started spring break off by going shopping at the pet store where the kids each picked out a Betta and container to buy with their allowance money. Alysha picked out pinkish Betta with blue marking and named it Rose. Ashley picked out a white Betta with purple fins and named it Princess. Owen picked out a bight blue Betta and named it Nemo. All three fish are doing good and living happily on our movie shelf in the hallway with occasional trips to hang out on the kitchen table to be observed.

Alysha with her Betta Rose

Ashley with her Betta Princess

Owen with his Betta Nemo

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We all got up and dressed in green this morning before the girls headed to school. We went to the store to pick up corn beef and cabbage to make for dinner. I think Mike may even have a green rolling rock beer in the refrigerator so think we are set for a day of green fun. We wish everyone some Luck of the Irish today!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Home from my mini-vacation

I was trying to pretend I was going to Disneyland on a mini-vacation but actually was at the hospital having my swollen lymph node and a few extras removed. The hospital called us in early so we rushed to the hospital Thursday morning only to get there, get prepped for surgery and then just hung out for three hours in a tiny little pre-op room. By the time they were ready for me I was almost asleep. I woke up 3 hours later feeling a bit dopey but not to bad. They moved me to a recovery room on the fifth floor then Mike was able to come see me. The surgeon had talked to him and said that everything went well just took longer than they expected because of the size of my swollen lymph node. My mom and dad had taken care of the kids all day with a trip to the zoo, out to lunch then back to our house. After my mom and the girls came to visit I sent Mike home with them and mom stayed the night with me at the hospital. It wasn't the most peaceful night but I didn't mind the stay and the nurses were all great to me. I enjoyed the room service and cable TV and wasn't in any rush to leave. My mom was ready to leave first thing Friday morning but we had to wait on the surgeon to release me. He didn't come by in the morning and by the afternoon he was in surgery. At 4:30 pm he stopped by and we were headed home. I'm doing fine and am enjoying a quiet weekend at home napping and watching movies. Will be going in for my check up in a week then will start radiation in a couple weeks.

Stacy in pre-op with her fancy blue hat!

Stacy ready for her rollercoster ride down to surgery.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alysha's Music Concerts

This last week Alysha had her orchestra concert on Tuesday night then her music program on Wednesday night. She did awesome playing her violin and all the kids put on a nice music concert the following night.

Alysha after her orchestra concert

Alysha's music program (she is in red in the front)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dr. Suess Night & Skiing

We went to the girl's school for Dr. Suess reading night. We played games and read Dr. Suess books then had pizza. Was a fun evening.

Alysha, Ashley & Owen at Dr. Suess Reading Night

This weekend we decided to get away and went skiing at Brundage. The kids are all skiing great. Owen did much better this time than last time but got tired so we put him in the daycare for a couple hours so we could continue to ski. Ashley is a natural little skier and loves it. Alysha is our pro but likes to hang back with all us slow pokes. Mike and I did get a chance to ski without the kids for two runs while the girls were eating lunch in the car which was nice to actually ski not just snow plow the whole time. We had a nice day.

Alysha & Ashley at Brundage

Mike, Alysha & Ashley at Brundage

Stacy, Alysha & Ashley at Brundage