Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. We started our father's day off with biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and coffee. Mike wasn't quite awake but he got a new t-shirt "DAD cleverly disguised as as responsible adult" and his very own water cooler. We had picked out a new sleeping bag for his motorcycle trip with the guys but then he came home with one he bought so ours went back to the store. Father's Day evening my parents came over for a BBQ which was really nice.

Mike relaxing in the backyard

Mike testing out his new BRIGHT jacket.

Summer Fun

Ashley and Owen have been enjoying our lazy days at home playing with friends. They really want to set up the pool but we are holding off until the end of June since we will be gone and don't want it left unwatched. They picked out a slide n' slide to play with until then, if it lasts that long.

Ashley wanted to have a Glow Stick Party so she bought a bunch of glow sticks and her and friend Ashley spent the day planning out their music, costumes and dances. Then that evening after dark we watched their show with all the boys running around in the background and up in the tree but the girls just kept on dancing. It was a lot of fun.

Blowing up parts of the slip n' slide

Owen slip n' sliding

Neighbor kids joining in on the fun.
Neighbor kids and ours in the backyard
Ashley our Glow Stick Party Queen
Glow Stick Partytime

Girls dancing

Kids dancing

more dancing

More like what it looked like - photo with no flash

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Old Fort Boise Days

Today we went back to Parma for the final day of the Old Fort Boise Days for the free Lion's Club breakfast then to watch Amanda, Mariah and James in the parade while the kids collected candy. Then we all went down to the park for some food and to look around at the booths, followed by free swimming day at the pool. It was a fun day. :)

Amanda in the parade

Mariah in the parade

James with the Parma HS marching band in the parade

Watching the parade go by

Fun float in the parade with kids collecting candy

Owen and Ashley collecting candy

Kids counting their loot

Ashley sorting her candy by types and colors

Amanda and Mariah at the park

Ashley and Owen at the Parma pool

Amanda in the Old Fort Boise Days Pageant

Our niece Amanda was in the Old Fort Boise Days Pageant this weekend. She did AWESOME, won 2nd Princess and some cash. We all enjoyed watching the pageant and cheering her on. :)

Mariah, Kristey and Amanda before the pageant

Layla keeping uncle Mike busy while waiting for the pageant to start

Owen, James and Alaina

Lexi and Ashley

Pageant dance routine choreographed by Mariah

Amanda in her evening gown

Amanda singing for her talent

Amanda answering her question beautifully.

Amanda about to receive Miss Congeniality for the second year in a row.

Amanda won 2nd Princess!

Amanda with some of her cousins

Amanda with Grandma Reva

Amanda with her big sis Mariah

Group photo with the Queen and Princesses

1st Princess, Queen and 2nd Princess - Amanda

Amanda's photo shoot

Goofy cousins in the grass

Amanda and some cousins

Uncle Mike and newest niece Audrey

Owen with cousin Landon

Cousin time

Summer vacation and no school equals lots of extra time to hang out with your cousins. Mason and Delaney came over to play for the afternoon in the backyard and ended up having a water fight. We ate fresh strawberries from the garden with watermelon, yummy. Owen was excited to tell them all about the Corbin Maxey show they saw at the library that morning full of reptiles. FUN.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Celebration Park

Mike wanted to go on a quick camping trip this weekend. So we through a few things in the car and headed to Celebration Park. We found a camping site set up then did a little exploring around the park followed by a camp fire and smores. This morning we packed up the tent then went to the visitor's center, a hike to find all the Petroglyphs on the trail map and a hike by the bridge. Then we drove to Silver Falls Dam for a picnic before heading home. It was a nice overnight trip.

Ashley's favorite rock

Owen drawing on the dock on the Snake River

Kids by the Wikieup? Teepee made with sage brush.

Ashley found one of the boulders with Petroglyphs.

Mike exploring Celebration Park

Time to cool off by the river

Sling shot shooting rocks into the river

Sling shot shooting

Kids at our camp site

Ashley back at her favorite rock

Ashley and Mike at the Snake River

Mike has made FIRE!

Mike roasting marshmellows

Camp fire time

Yummy, Smores!

Kids at the Celebration Park visitor's center

Owen in the visitor's center

Ashley and Mike at the visitor's center

Kids hunting for Petroglyphs on the trail at Celebration Park

Ashley an a Petroglyph






Kids ready to explore the old railroad bridge, now foot bridge.

Bridge at Celebration Park

Stacy and Ashley on our nature walk

Me and kiddos

Ashley at Silver Falls Dam

Mike and kids on the Silver Falls Dam