Sunday, August 24, 2014


Before school starts we wanted to make a quick trip to Riggins to see grandpa Rick. We had fun camping in his yard and watching the stars. The kids had a blast floating little boats in the mini canal in front of his house. Owen caught a couple of fish at the pond while Ashley and I went for a walk. We had a nice little break now time to get things ready for school.

Mike hanging out on Rick's upper deck

Owen picking cherry tomatoes
On the lower deck

Ashley helping Grandpa Rick pick green beans

Hanging out by the river

Ashley under the grapes

Owen fishing

Owen and grandpa fishing

Ashley on a bridge outside of Riggins

Ashley with her desert parasol

Ashley on the highway by the river and pond

Kids in grandpa's old van

kids doing chores

Friday, August 22, 2014

Tree House construction

Mike decided to start building a tree house in the apple tree in our backyard. The kids are super excited and have helped hammer some of the nails. It still needs some hand rails and a ladder but the kids are enjoying play up there without them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cousin Alyse's 12th birthday

We met Mike's sister Ruby at the Fruitland Park for her daughter Alyse's 12th birthday with friends from their church. The kids all had lunch, cupcakes and played at the playground then we headed back towards Parma to a member of their church's property where they had a pond with lots of fun things to play on. The kids used the zip-line, diving boards, slides, pedal boats, floating docks and more for the afternoon. I think my kids were the last to get out and have been asking when we can go again. It was a great place for a party.

On our way home with stopped by aunt Kristey's to pick her zucchini and pet her kittens. 

Girls opening their presents

Ashley with cousins Alyse and Lexi

Alyse, Lexi and Ashley

Mike and Owen on a floating dock

Ashley and Lexi on the zip-line

Aunt Ruby and Mike

Mike on the little water slide

Alyse, Lexi and Ashley on a pedal boat

The whole group of kids

Ashley with Aunt Kristey's grey kitten

Owen with Aunt Kristey's black kitten

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Super Super Moon and Sunset at Pickle Butte

We headed up to the top of Pickle Butte with the kids and their friends to watch the Super Super Moon come up as the sun was setting. The kids decided to pretend they were on the movie Tremors and were fighting and hiding from Graboids. We had fun taking photos.

Kids watching for Graboids

Kids hiding from underground Graboids

Kids stuck on the van surrounded by Graboids

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Last week the kids and I made a trip to Salem to visit my grandfather and aunt Lee. It was a nice visit and unusually sunny and hot there. We went to my aunt Lee's friend Janie's house in Mt. Angel where Ashley got to ride her miniature pony Oreo. It's been a few years since the last time Ashley was on Oreo and her legs are much longer now. Then we all went to lunch and did some shopping in Silverton. Where we found a bunch of really fun and cute shops with all kinds of things you would want but didn't really need.

In the middle of the week we made a quick trip to the ocean at Lincoln City to get Salt Water Taffy, go to lunch at Dory Cove and run around on the beach. The week quickly flew by and we were headed back home. We did make a quick stop at the Bonneville Dam fish hatchery to say hi to Herman the sturgeon.

Ashley and Oreo

Fun toy store

Lunch at Dory Cove

Lincoln City

On the beach

Sunny with a chilly wind on the Oregon Coast

Visiting Herman at the Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery