Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reunion Day 3

Some of our group had to leave on Sunday so we made sure to take group photos. During the day we all took turns going into McCall to look around and some of us got huge ice cream cones from Ice Cream Alley. Then we headed back to the cabin where Mike and I BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs, had potato and pasta salad, bacon wrapped jalapenos and chocolate zucchini brownies. Yes, we were all super stuffed... In the evening we went for a walk and saw four deer and a fox. Then we had another fire and roasted the last of the marshmallows. I headed to bed while others stayed up to play games and visit.

On Monday morning everyone ate breakfast then packed their stuff up and headed for home. It was a busy and fun filled weekend full of family.

Grandma Reva and her children

Grandma Reva and some of her grandchildren and one great grandchild

Almost all of our group

Ice cream from ice cream alley


Just a few of our Harry Potter above the stairs kids.

Girls on the stairs
Ashley on a walk with the deer

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Reunion Day 2

The next morning everyone made their own breakfast and started in playing more games. Mid-morning everyone gathered in the living room/kitchen to be divided into five teams. Then we were all sent into McCall to take group photos with different scavenger hunt items. The goal was to capture the most creative photos. We all ended up with some great and very funny photos. Once we came back and ate lunch we gathered in the media room to vote on the best photos from each category. Aunt Kristey's group won with the most creative photos over all. (I currently only have my groups photos to share). While everyone was still in the media room Kristey presented grandma Reva with the denim quilt that Kristey had us all make squares of our family members for. It turned out super cute.

Later Ruby's girls gave us all back our t-shirts they had borrowed the night before but now they were frozen solid balls of cloth. The challenge was to be the first to defrost your shirt and put it on. The winners were the ones that used the hose or faucet to help speed up the process. Some shirts were still frozen the next day. Later in the afternoon group of us headed to play in the water at the lake while others stayed at the cabin and helped Bob and Julie make a wondering lasagna and spaghetti dinner for everyone. In the evening a group headed to Gold Fork Hot Springs for the evening while others played more games inside and outside. We played Kung Fu Panda 3 for the kids in the media room and had another fire out back. It was a fun and exhaustively busy day.

The gathering before the scavenger hunt

Mike's group selfie

scavenger hunt  - McCakk sign

scavenger hunt - antiques

scavenger hunt - with a grandma

scavenger hunt - in front of a restaurant

scavenger hunt - build a sandcastle

scavenger hunt - with stop sign

scavenger hunt - in the air

scavenger hunt - playground

scavenger hunt - can't believe we fit in here

Gathering in the media room to view scavenger hunt photos

Kristey presenting the denim quilt

Grandma Reva with her quilt

Family around quilt

Defrosting tshirts

game time

Julie making dessert

Playing at the lake

Hanging out around the fire

Playing more games

Family Reunion

The kids and I packed up the Beast and we headed to McCall where we had all rented a cabin from airb& for the weekend. Once we got the key we unloaded all our stuff then started helping everyone else unload their stuff as they arrived. We all quickly got our fill of climbing stairs as the cabin was three stories with the kitchen and main living room on the second floor. My sister-in-law Ruby and her husband Scott made us all Indian Tacos, that were to die for. Kristey got the kids all started setting up games in the huge yard. They all played volleyball, bad mitten and croquet. In the evening the kids watched Zootopia then we made smores at the fire pit. Oh, and lots of games inside too.

Let the games begin....

Hanging out on the deck

Playing games in the kitchen

Kids in the media room

Julie and Bob checking out their room

I found kids in my bed
Scott frying bread for Indian tacos

Volleyball anyone?

Our spectators

Watching Zootopia

Late night games

Roasting marshmallows around the fire