Friday, December 31, 2010

After Christmas Activites

With the kids still on vacation for another week and a half we have been spending many hours playing with all our cool new toys. Ashley's Calico Critter house is a big hit and is super CUTE. Mike and Alysha have had lots of fun helping Owen put together many different lego sets. Both of the girls have been fashion designers, with new creations everyday. We even played beauty salon and put highlights in the girls' hair. Which turned out better then I was expecting. We also did a lot of cleaning and rearranging bedrooms, closets and even all our 2010 paperwork from school, bills, etc.... Which I didn't take photos of but did drop off four garbage bags full of things at the Idaho Youth Ranch. A great way to end the year. :)

Mike love'n helping Owen with his lego set.

My little Fashion Angels.

Alysha while we were highlighting her hair.

Ashley getting a couple highlights.

Girls with their new dos.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Afternoon.

Christmas afternoon we went to my sister Molly's house for more Christmas fun, presents and great food. My parents came from Council and Will's brother Casey and girlfriend Ashley came to have dinner with us. The kids were all super excited to play and open more presents. We had a nice evening visiting and enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner.

Alysha and Mason building legos at Mason's new lego table.

Delaney, Ashley and Owen playing with Delaney's Barbie house. It is Molly's original doll house from 20 some years ago that our mom made. Molly spent many hours updating it to give to Delaney this Christmas. It has many original pieces.

Ashley opening a present while staying attached to her pillow pet from Grandma Reva.

Molly and Will enjoying watching the kids open presents.

Mason got super excited watching his mom open a presents.

Stacy having Delaney open a present for her.

Grandma Francee and Grandpa Jack opening their wire Christmas card wreath I made them out of fencing wire, glass beads, with added feather birds, pine cones etc..

Owen with his AWESOME hand carved Hawaiian boat Grandpa Jack made for him.

Mason with a new set of Legos from Uncle Cody.

Alysha opening her present.

Molly and Will opening their gifts from Cody, which were prefect.

Mike with his new t-shirt from Cody.

Grandma & Grandpa opening presents.

Delaney showing Grandpa her new ornament.

Ashley opening a new set of Calico Critters from Aunt Molly & Uncle Will.

Stacy and Alysha opening their cards from Cody, woo hoo we get to go shopping!

The girls enjoying Christmas dinner. It was a wonderful family filled holiday that we will all remember for a long time. Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year! :)

Christmas Morning

Christmas started with Ashley getting up at 5 am. I told her to go back to bed but then all I could hear was the girls on the other side of the house talking. At 5:30 am Mike was up so they came out into the living room. I heard Ashley saying, " We get to go to Disney World." As Alysha corrected her by saying, "We are going to Disney Land." Owen got up a few minutes later and said, "We get to go on an airplane! I've never been on one of those!". It was to cute, so I slowly got up and told them they could open their stockings which were full of mickey mouse things. Like autograph books, pens, activities books, mini notebooks, markers, stickers and chocolate of course. Not long after they started opening presents. Lots of happy smiles followed by trying to decide what to play with then bouncing back and forth between things. Here are a few photos of our exciting morning.

Owen opening his ZuZu pet.

Ashley with her dance costume.

Ashley opening her Calico Critter Townhouse.

Alysha with her Netbook.

Ashley with her presents.

Alysha with her presents.

Owen with his presents.

Ashley setting up her town house.

Owen with his remote control vehicle.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma Reva's house with some of Mike's family. Here are the few cousins that were there this year. We spent the morning making pies and cookies then went to grandma's for wonderful food, singing Christmas carols, playing the white elephant game and dessert by candlelight. We had a lovely evening. The kids were getting very antsy, worried that Santa would miss our house if we didn't get home. So we headed home and to bed so Santa had time to stop by.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. :)

Christmas Elves - Cliff and Carla

Aunt Kristey looking pretty infront of the tree.

Mariah with a new friend.

Alysha and Amanda visiting.

My blonde twins with James.

Girls with their new handmade hats and scarves from Grandma Reva

Kids burying Grandma with all the wrapping paper.

Mike with his White Elephant gift. :)

Banana splits with candles.

Owen dreaming of Santa and gifts.

Cookies the kids made earlier in the day.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Vacation

With the kids out of school a whole week before Christmas this year we have been trying to stay busy. We got a little snow so Mike and the kids made a snow bear in the back yard. We spent a few different days making Christmas crafts. We made little silverware stockings, origami birds and beaded candy canes. We spent a day at my sister's house where we made beaded snowflake ornaments then went ice skating at Idaho Ice World. We are all excited for Christmas.

Owen playing in the snow.

Girls working on Christmas crafts.

Owen with our candy canes.

Stacy trying not to super glue her fingers together.

Kids with our finished crafts.

Alysha making snowflake ornaments.

Making snowflake ornaments at my sister's house.

Ready to go ice skating.

Ashley and Stacy ice skating.

Girls having a blast ice skating.

Mike and Owen watching all the ice skaters.