Sunday, March 13, 2016

My little Mermaid

While I was gone to Twin Falls with Alysha, Ashley spent the day with Grandma Reva. She made her mermaid tail that she has been wanting to make for weeks. She bought a mono-fin and the material a few weeks ago and designed the pattern but she needed grandma's help to sew it all together. They did a great job and Ashley loves her new tail. Now just waiting to take it to the pool.

Visiting the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls

On Friday, Alysha, Amanda, Kristey and I drove to Twin Falls to visit the College of Southern Idaho. We had appointments with advisors, apartments and a tour of the college but we arrived right before they had to close the college do to a broken water vein. We did get some information from the Vet Tech advisor and got to see the outside of the apartments but no tour of the college. So.... we took a ton of photos, went to lunch, hung out at the hotel, went swimming, watched a movie etc. Saturday morning we took more photos then went to Shoshone Falls, stopped by the LDS Temple had lunch then headed home. It was a fun girls' weekend even if we didn't get much accomplished.

Ashley's youtube hair styles

Ashley has discovered hair tutorials on Youtube so a couple mornings a week she shows me a video and I quickly try to recreate one of the hair styles in 5-10 minutes before we need to be leaving for school. Some of them have turned out really cute but I could just a little more practice and time....
Cute girls hairstyles...

1st ride of the year

The weather has been feeling a lot like Spring so I decided it was time to see if I remember how to ride my motorcycle. It felt warm at first but I quickly got cold on the highway. We stopped by Pickle Butte to make me go on the sand and gravel.....I'll need a lot more practice. Think I'll have to wait a little longer until the weather is a bit warmer.

School Ski Night at Bogus

Owen and Ashley went on a school field trip to Bogus Basin for the school's ski night. Mike and I also drove up there to help all the kids with their equipment and directed them to the right locations for their lessons. Then we all got to ski together for a couple of hours as the sun was setting. It was a fun evening and I had forgotten how much I love to ski.

February Birthdays

We got together with some of Mike's family to celebrate the February birthdays, Grandma Reva, Grandpa Al and Owen. We had a yummy Mexican dinner then all enjoyed cake and ice cream.