Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Merry Christmas everyone. Owen and Ashley got up extra early so I had to send them back to bed a few times. Finally at 7am I let them wake Mike and Alysha up. We opened our stocking then made a big breakfast before opening all the presents. Then we all took turns opening from youngest to oldest. We had Jurassic World/Park on one side of the room and Star Wars on the other. Alysha got a new art supplies, clothes and gift cards. Then we cleaned up the house, the kids played with new toys while I got the prime rib in the oven, started making rolls, got the salad and veggies ready for dinner. My sister Molly and family came over and we opened a couple more gifts. Uncle Cody made the kids all marshmallow shooter kits so they all had fun shooting marshmallows at each other. Then the kids exchanged new board games. We had a yummy dinner then desserts. It was a fun and busy Christmas.

Owen with his Jurassic World & Park collection

Ashley with her Star Wars collection

Alysha with her art supplies, sweatshirts, gift cards and $$

Mike with his new toys

Owen's new best friend

Ashley building her Star Wars lego sets

Well, that didn't take her very long

Opening presents from Uncle Cody and Aunt Marisa

Let the Marshmallow Wars begin...

Time to build Marshmallow shooters

Run Will, Run!!!

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