Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hour of Code

As we come to the last week of Fall semester one of my final assignments was to volunteer for an hour in a classroom that was participating in Hour of Code. Where kids go to and play games like Star Wars, Mind Craft, Disney, Angry Birds and more while they are introduced to computer programming.  So since we already had a mini R2D2 I added a little flag and he went with me almost everywhere all week. I took him to my class of software development students where they really are just big kids on computers anyways. I took him for walks around the campus and handed out flyers for Hour of Code. Then took him with me to Liberty, Trail Wind and White Pine Elementary schools where I teach drawing classes for Young Rembrandt's after school program. The kids loved him and I gave them Hour of Code flyers to take home to their parents.

Yesterday, I took R2D2 to my kids' school Heritage Community Charter where I helped students with the Hour of Code in three 7th grade classes, two 8th grade classes and one 5th grade class. I had to turn in photos for my assignment so I have quite a few. It was a lot of fun for me and all the kids.

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