Saturday, December 5, 2015

Festival of Trees

Last weekend while Mike's family was still here we all went to the Idaho Center to walk around the Festival of Trees. It was fun looking at all the different themed Christmas trees. Afterwards we went back to Grandma Reva's to play a few games to finish off the Thanksgiving holiday.

Alaina, Layla, Landon, Ashley, Alysha, Lexi, Amanda, Sarah and Alyse

Alysha, Owen, Alaina, Carla, Layla, Landon, Ashley, Reva, Alyse, Amanda, Scott, Shelley, Ruby and Bob

Alysha and the super hero tree

Owen and the fishing tree

Ashley and Landon with the music tree

Mike, Alaina, and grandma Reva

Alysha and Audrey

Mike and the Whiskey tree

Carla, Bob, Reva, Shelley, Kristey and Mike

Mike and Stacy

Carla, Bob, Reva, Shelley, Kristey, Ruby, Mike

Ashley, Landon and Layla

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