Saturday, January 2, 2016

After Christmas and New Years Eve fun

We have been having fun playing with all our new toys and games. Above Alysha, Amanda, Ashley and Owen are playing Forbidden Desert which entertained them for hours the other night. Our table has been the playground for Star Wars vs Jurassic World Legos and figures. The kids had friends over to hang out inside and play outside in the snow. Tasha and Bella who normally stay away from each other have been sharing my bed to stay warm. We played Ashley's new Star Wars Risk game.

On New Years Eve Mike and Alysha had to work late so Ashley, Owen and I went over to Grandma Reva's house to play a few games and eat yummy food. Once Mike and Alysha got off work they came over to join in the all the fun.

Star Wars Risk

Ashley cross stitching

Tasha and Bella

Playing Ticket to Ride

Playing scrabble

Playing Aunt Carla's new game

Amanda wrapping up Ashley with plastic wrap

Mike's turn

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