Monday, December 28, 2015

My Elf on the shelf

Don't be that Elf at the holiday party

My kids are a bit to big but I wanted an Elf on the Shelf anyways. The kids think he is creepy and I had a lot of fun thinking of mischief for him to get into a night. Here are some of the things he got into at night.

Creepy elf watching Barbie sleeping

Elf in stocking

I'm watching you, elf

Hangingon Tiger from the ceiling elf

Up all night elf

Darth Vader popcorn and candy canes

Light Saber fight with Yoda

Playing Old Maid with Yoda and R2D2

Feeding the dinosaurs

Snow globals

Hanging out with Santa

Drinking syrup

TPing the tree

Drawing mustaches on the kids photos

Grinch Elf and Max stealing all the presents on Christmas Eve

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