Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mike's new car

Well, I guess our new hobby is finding cars on Craigslist. We had three vehicles for about three weeks then the Chev Astro Van developed a leak that emptied out the water and antifreeze extremely quickly so we decided it was not worth the time and money to fix. We looked at a few junkie cars in our price range and came home tired, cold and a bit bummed out. So we got Papa Murphy's pizza and was just about to watch a movie when Mike decided to look at craigslist one more time. He found the above little car that had just been posted so he called to see if we could go look at it. The guy said someone else was coming from Nampa to look at it but if we got there first we could take a look at it. So we rushed out and arrived at their expensive three car garage attached to their huge house within five minutes. This super cute little 2004 Hyundai Tiburon has been babied, in a garage it's whole life and was in excellent condition. Mike said we would take it before he even drove it and was so happy and excited on the way home. The price was just to good to turn down. It is definitely not a family car as it is tiny but it is super fun to drive so we will have to look for a better family vehicle sometime but my Vibe works for that at the moment.

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