Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Soda Fire

The smoke in the air from the Soda fire south of us has created beautiful sunsets. Ashley and I went on Canyon Hill to watch the sun set after dropping her friend Elisabeth off at home. Then that evening the clouds were glowing so orange that we all jumped in the car and drove pass Lake Lowell to the hills above Marsing where we watched the fire on the Owyhee mountains. The fire is so pretty at night but so destructive day and night. For the last week the air has been super smokey, the sun light is casting an orange glow on everything. Ash has been falling from the sky, coating everything. Hoping for rain to help put out the fire and clean everything.

Ashley on the bridge over the freeway
Ashley with the sunset

Soda Fire in the Owyhee Mountains

Ash was falling from the sky, so Ash & Ash on my car

Orange sun

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