Friday, August 7, 2015

Good bye Kingston, Hello Leavenworth

Wow, the week flew by and we had to say good bye to everyone and get on the Kingston ferry to drive to Spokane. We enjoyed one last ferry ride while watching the ferry leave Kingston. We got a couple of photos of Alysha on the ferry then all got back in our cars. We stopped in Leavenworth to look around at some of the little shops, grab some lunch and had ice cream. I was totally expecting it to be cooler in temperature there but it was 105 degrees. We then drove on to Spokane to stay the night at a Super 8, had dinner at Denny's with Kristey and the girls and went swimming in the hotel pool.

Ashley pointing to Kingston and Owen pointing to Seattle on the map on the ferry

Last ferry ride from Kingston to Edmonds

Time to get back in the car

Girls in Leavenworth by the cute little Russian nesting dolls



Yummy ice cream

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