Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day Trip to Seattle

A group of us got up early and caught the Bainbridge Island Ferry to Seattle to go exploring. It's always fun to stand on deck and watch the ferry leave and then watch it dock on the other side. Plus you get a great view of Seattle. Once we arrived we walked to Pike's Market. Since it was a Saturday it was extremely busy and we had a hard time keeping twelve of us together. We looked around the market, stopped by the gum wall, looked in little shops then decide to split up. We headed down by the water and ate lunch. After looking through a handful of shops we took the monorail to the Space Needle where there was a festival going on with lots of booths and entertainment. We met back up with Kristey, Mariah, Amanda and Sarah to ride the monorail back to downtown. Then we quickly walked to the ferry to catch the next one back. It was a fun day of exploring downtown Seattle.

Ferry to Seattle

Amanda and Kristy on the ferry

Ashley, Mariah and Sarah hiding from the wind

Owen and Mike on the ferry

Arriving in Seattle

Exploring Seattle

Busy Pike's Market

Mariah, Amanda and Sarah in Pike's Market

Checking out the gum walls

Yes, that is gum all over the walls.

Look at these pretty girls

Exploring under the Space Needle

Look what Owen caught

Catching the monorail back to downtown Seattle

Riding the monorail

Bye Seattle, on the ferry back to Bainbridge Island

Mike on the ferry

Warming up inside the ferry

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