Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last minute camping

Last Sunday we realized the whole summer flew by and we have not gone camping. So we decided to go for a quick last minute camping trip. We headed to Idaho City and stopped to eat lunch. Then we turned off the main road and went to Black Rock Campground. By the time we got there it was empty and we had the place to ourselves. Mike and Owen set up the tent, then I inflated all the air mattresses. We played in the water, climbed rocks, and collected firewood. Mike gave Owen his first pocketknife and read him the Cub Scout pocketknife oath. Owen was working on a few requirements for cub scouts so he helped make our backpacking dinners, chopped wood and started the fire. Ashley wanted to help so she chopped wood and help stir the meals. We had fun taking photos as the sun was going down then we made smores. Of course you can't have a camping trip without an air mattress going flat so Mike ended up sleeping on a flat mattress with a few extra blankets under him.  The next morning we packed up and went back to Idaho City for ice cream and looked around a little bit. It was a fun over night camping trip.

Girls in Idaho City

Idaho City where the fire burnt the ice cream place down

Mike and Owen setting up camp

Owen setting up the tent

Owen with his new pocket knife, Mike reading to him

Playing in the river

The water was cold

Collecting firewood

Owen getting ready to make dinner

Owen helping boil water for the backpacking meals

Black Rock campground

Girls rock climbing

my mountain goats

My pretty girls

being goofy

family photo

Owen building a fire

Roasting marshmallows


Back in Idaho City having ice cream

Looking at history by the rings on an old tree

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